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Can I Eat You Little Kitty? Comic

For Chiaki, her classmate Shintaro is her best guy friend. Sharing snacks and casual touching is normal. She thought he was a friend that transcended boy-girl relationships. But one day, thanks to an unexpected event, Shintaro's attitude suddenly changes! "You're so cute I want to eat you," he says as he hugs her. From the moment these words leave his mouth, their relationship begins to change. Chiaki is completely bewildered......


In Love with the Sun Comic

"I like you! Please be my girlfriend!"

Kingo, the most cheerful boy in Momoko's class, asks her out.
But his declaration of love confuses Momoko she can't believe that someone with a smile as bright as the sun could fall for her.
"Scary. Did he lose a bet or something!?" Momoko, puzzled and disoriented, pretends that there is someone else she likes.
Kingo's sunny expression turns grim, but then he decides to help her win the love of her pretend crush...

It's a dazzling and heartfelt summer love story.


Beast of Love Comic


"Wanna have sex with me?"... A transfer student, Kakeru, joins Kyouka's class. Turns out he's the heir to a local yakuza family and enrolled in the school for a very special reason... He's handsome, but his piercing glare and belligerent nature makes everyone run away from him - everyone save for carefree Kyouka. Entranced by his charm, she gets closer and closer to him even though she knows how dangerous he is... Until one day, he ask her to have sex with him. Kyouka declares she won't go near him because he doesn't understand love. He accepts that as a challenge!


It's All Your Fault Comic

Masumi is dating the charismatic student council president, Amane. Amane acts cool in public, but when he's alone with Masumi, he turns into a spoiled, clingy, and selfish lover... A small misunderstanding throws a shadow over their romantic, flirty relationship. I want to love, kiss, and be jealous of only you. It's the long-awaited sequel to the popular Student Council President series!


What a Cutie Comic

Masumi is a student council member and Amane is the highly admired student council president. Lately all her troubles are caused by his mischief!! They almost get up to things behind closed doors, which excites and embarrasses her... But while the enigmatic Amane is taking advantage of Masumi, she notices his loneliness and not before long, she seriously falls for him.This long awaited adult comics collection feature various love affairs in the student council room...


Secret Garden [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

Forbidden love with a crossdressing star!? Yurika befriends a quiet classmate who is actually hot celebrity Hiroto Urasawa! He has his reasons for sporting a skirt and blouse, and is persistent in keeping Yurika close, to protet his secret. Having no interest in celebrities, Yurika is shocked that she's fallen for his handsome face and playful nature. It's a love comic that's full of thrills and lewdness!


I Want to Be Happy Comic

Yumiko has been avoiding romance due to a painful experience in the past. She's depressed, thinking that she doesn't have any value or charm as a girl, when Takaichi, one of the most popular boys in school, suddenly makes his move. His unconditional love and brilliant smile are making her heart throb, but she's having trouble grasping the situation... She only wants a happy relationship. A love comic about being loved too much!!


Love Laboratory Comic

Minato is a member of the science club. The club leader, Shuu Tajima, is an eccentric mad scientist with an incredibly high IQ! She's actually in love with Shuu, but what does Shuu think of her? What will be the results of this couple's love experiment?! Read this popular science series and other stories that'll play on your heartstrings in Yuuki Hinase's first comic book!


Naughty Love Comic

Until she met the virgin class rep, Nagai, Kanna lived a rather dull school life, never bothering to get too sentimental with boys. Nagai's amusing reactions made him Kanna's favorite target to prank, but it's not just that. He's completely different from the other guys... Why can't she take her eyes off him? Enjoy the long awaited comic release by Ichimi Minamoto, an exciting and heartwarming collection of stories.


Colors. Comic

An awful situation... spawns a new love... When rich girl, Maria, is injured by soccer club member Hisashi, she demands he accompany her to and from school as compensation for her injury! "At first, I was using him for my own convenience, but why do I keep thinking about him." A series of sparkling girls' love stories which use color as a theme, such as "Dear Scarlet", featuring the stubborn girl Maria, "Green Days", an enrapturing story about flourishing love, and "Su Mi Re", where friendship becomes love. A girl's love is always colorful!


Not Love Story Comic

Something unexpected falls before aspiring novelist Natsuru's eyes. It's a rough manuscript by the masked writer, Nao Okazaki! Mr. Okazaki's the writer Natsuru admires the most--how dramatic! But that annoying interloper, Jin Kurata, stands in the way of Natsuru's love. Though he can be unkind, Jin's literary abilities are top notch. Could he help Natsuru spell out her love for Mr. Okazaki...!? Read about Natsuru's incomplete passion and other tender love stories in NOT LOVE STORY, and let them soothe your heart.


Happy Honey Holiday Comic

I'm Yuu Takamine. Thanks to my dad suddenly getting a job transfer overseas, I've transferred... to a boys' school?! They won't be co-ed until next year, so for one year, I have to pretend to be a boy?! There's no way I can do that! If I get caught, I'll be kicked out! And I'm surrounded by guys, so it's like a reverse harem every day at school! But there's one boy I'm interested in...! What should I do?! I can't stop being a lovestruck girl at heart! Experience Yuu's exciting crossdressing school love life in this series of collected short stories.


Dorm Life [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

AuthorYusa Nito

With a secret purpose in mind, Yuna begins a new job at a dorm for a special school. What she didn't sign up for is a peculiar game played by the students there! As the new target of her fellow dorm members, Yuna is forced into the role of brand-new plaything but as much as she wants to leave, a certain deal with the president of the school keeps her from escaping her predicament...

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