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Love Lesson with My Home Tutor [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic Hot


Misled by the words of her home tutor, Chinatsu prepares for her big date by having a thorough lesson in pleasure!


Dude-Only Academy -A Teacher Trapped with Sadistic Beasts- [ Total vol 9 ] Completed Comic


"You're a virgin, aren't you?" I've been found out, and now the students of this all-boys academy are looking at me like I'm their next meal! Sayoka Tateno works at a school full of boys in the countryside. Wanting to work in peace and not stand out, she wears a tracksuit and avoids showing her feminine side. But one day, she finds a mysterious piece of paper in the hallway that has a strange effect on her body. From that day on and against her will, she can only wear sexy, revealing clothes! Not only that, the students somehow found out that she's a virgin!


Can't Say No to You Comic

AuthorCoco Satou

Junichi Minami is a straight-A student with an impeccable record in Akemi's eyes, until she catches him partying in the city late at night. She tells him to stop, and he replies with a seductive "...Sure, Ms. Matsunaga. Your wish is my command." She knows that, as a teacher, she shouldn't succumb to the temptation, but as she'd harbored strong feelings for him for the longest time, she surrenders to her own desires. "I knew it... you're so sensual." Junichi gives her a night of ecstasy so mind-blowing that she forgets her responsibilities as a teacher... A taboo love story... about a student and a teacher.


Bright Red Fantasies Comic


Yuzuha's a serious member of the school discipline committee, with an embarrassing problem. She can't stop fantasizing about sex! Her days are spent frantically shoving images of her hunky guidance counselor out of her mind. Maybe "doing the deed" with him will resolve this issue! She's given an indecent lesson in love that exceeds even HER wild imagination. But her sex-starved body is ablaze with desire...... in this super-popular erotic love comedy!


Take Me, Teacher Comic

AuthorErio Hori

Even though I became a couple with the guy I like...... My teacher...... He's making me wanna rush things! Mayuri Torigoe told her teacher, Mr. Misato, how she feels about him, and they became a couple in secret. He does sexual things to her just about every day, but they haven't actually gone all the way yet. Amidst all this, one of Mayuri's juniors plans to ask Mr. Misato out......! In addition to the forbidden love story between a student and her teacher, this new love manga compilation is full of heart-throbbing stories about youthful sex and girls crazy for love!!


The Only DNA I Need Is Yours Comic

Karen Kurihara, a high school student, and Kaoru Sagae, the most popular teacher, are secretly married. Her classmates are smitten with him and Karen's heart flutters every day when she looks at her husband. On a school field trip one of her friends decides she wants to hit on him......!! "I want to tell them that he's mine!" This is a roller-coaster of a love story about newlyweds.


My Naughty Honey Comic

Nurse Moe Jingu is currently chaperoning students on a school field trip. Though she's hit on repeatedly by boys with naughty ideas, she has absolutely no interest in younger men! There's one boy though, Suguru Amamiya, who only scowls at her. "But why? He asked me out a few days ago..." Along with this story about a risky relationship between a teacher and a student on a field trip, this book features other stories about girls who dare to face love head-on.


Don't Call Me Your Teacher! Comic

Haruka Morikawa is a university student training to be a teacher, and her boyfriend, a fellow trainee, cheats on her. As Haruka drinks her sorrows away in a park, a hot guy just happens to be passing by and comes over to comfort her. The next day, when she's student-teaching at a local school - the same school her now ex-boyfriend is student-teaching at - she sees the guy from the night before in her classroom......! "Could it be that I forced my own student to do this and that with me!?" This is a love story full of passion that's sure to make your heart throb with envy!


School of Sadism Comic

Mai Suzumiya's dated 12 guys in the past, and she's been dumped by all of them. The reason things don't work out for her romantically is because she's a sadist...... She wants a strong man! One day, her true nature is discovered by the plain, gloomy physics teacher, Mr. Shimizu. "You need to get laid, right?" Could it be that Mr. Shimizu isn't as glum as Mai thought......!?


Lovers' Suicide Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Kanon Saeki has a sexual relationship with her history teacher, Mr. Takechi, but there is no love involved. She's maintaining this relationship under the guise of "taking revenge" for her late older sister, who was Mr. Takechi's girlfriend. But then, their relationship takes a turn... What does it feel like to love somebody so much it makes you go mad...!? This volume is a collection of three sensual stories filled with dramatic love!!


An Egoistic Embrace Comic


My name is Nanami. I'm a high school student. On the way home from school, Nakayama, my friend since junior high, kisses me out of the blue! Unbelievable! Gross!! I wanted my first to be with my favorite teacher, Mr. Shimazaki...... But every time I take one step towards him, he takes one step back. I haven't even told him how I feel yet...... But when I heard that he's getting married next month, I......! "First Woman" is a sentimental story of a unrequited love, with its sequel, "Torch-Bearer's Song", told from Nakayama's point of view. Featuring other stories, such as "You Can't Hurry Love!", "Love Fool", and "Love Love Show", this is a collection of five delicately written pieces describing the thoughts and feelings of men and women caught in the tangles of love. Read this, and you'll want to fall in love, too!


My Beloved Teacher Comic

For Katsumi, the school infirmary after class is the only place where she can be with Kyoji Miyagi, the school doctor. What started out as a game between student and teacher somehow changes, and her heart is filled with thoughts of Miyagi. As her graduation day approaches, Katsumi doesn't want to end things but is unable to tell him how she really feels. This is a story about first love that is filled with thrills and uncertainties.


Afterschool Juliet Comic Hot

Hana Yamada is a high school girl. Her boyfriend is the mean Mr. Kido, her school doctor... Hana can't tell anyone that she's dating him, but nonetheless, she's totally happy. Cracks in their relationship begin to appear when another girl starts hitting on Mr. Kido, who insists on keeping his past a secret... During this troubled time, a man that looks identical to Mr. Kido proclaims his love for Hana and steals a kiss from her. A daring story about the secret love between a student and a teacher. It includes a special extra chapter "Morning Star and the Sun's Dream".


Reading Aloud with My Hot Teacher -You Want Me to Read This out Loud?!- Comic

Oh no... I got wet! I was reading erotic literature during one of my college classes, and then a super sadistic professor finds me and calls me into his office. "How does reading erotic literature make you feel? Read the book out loud," he demands... His teasing words and erotic descriptions fill my body with ecstasy! This is our perverted, private "reading aloud training". And now this new pleasure has absolutely consumed me... Oh, professor, train me some more!


Devilish Lips Comic

High-schooler Hana Yamada leaves a get-together, not feeling so well. On the way back, she runs into a hot guy who helps her out... but he mistakes her for a middle schooler, and leaves Hana to stew in her own indignation. The next day, when Hana heads to the nurse's office, she finds that infuriating man from yesterday, Shuuji Kido, sat there!! At first, he's sexy, but on the inside, he's one mean teacher. Read "Devilish Lips" and other stories about girls who will do daring things for their first loves!!


Scandalous Extra-Curricular Activities Comic

One fateful day, Tsugumi Satonaka, a high school teacher, is seen possessing a certain incriminating object by the hottest guy in school, Mikiya Kamijou. She tries to keep Mikiya quiet with pleas and bribes, but ends up being tormented with lewd situations! Starting with a story of forbidden love between teacher and student, this collection's full of egotistical younger guys. The sex is sure to satisfy!!


Do Me After School Comic


Newbie teacher Hatsumi suffers from being treated like a child by her students. She turns to her former teacher, Mr. Kagami, for some advice...... "Mr. Kagami! Make me an adult!" Expecting sincere guidance from him, Hatsumi is surprised to see Kagami give her a strange look...... "You should know more about men." A completely transformed Kagami takes Hatsumi by surprise and......! "This is...... too much to handle!" You have to see the sadistic teachings of this very forward teacher!


Embrace Me Warmly Comic

I, Souko Fujimoto, like the advisor of the art club, Mr. Noda. He only calls me by a nickname... "Fuji-tsun"... Does that mean I'm special to him...? I got my hopes up, Mr. Noda. That's why I didn't want to hear that you call me Fuji-tsun because I'm "easy to talk to". I knew deep inside, but it still hurt It hurts, Mr. Noda... Six love stories packed with feelings of pure love. It's a collection of Iori Hanasaki's best works including an extra chapter as a bonus.


Honey Scented Secrets Comic


After a personal request from the principal, Kaori, a new cram school teacher, becomes Touya's tutor. She keeps getting pushed around by the selfish and perverted Touya, but can't help become intrigued by his sad gaze one fateful moment. Despite deciding not to get involved, Kaori's heart is set on Touya and after sleeping together they have much more to overcome... A bitter-sweet love story that will tug at your heartstrings.


Hush! Comic

My boyfriend is Mr. Kinukawa. I worked hard to win a lover like him! I'm fascinated by adult romance, and I'd give anything to make my beloved Kinu happy... Huh? I'm supposed to wait until graduation!? There's no way I can wait that long! I'll get totally frustrated! Well, if Kinu's gonna be like that, then I'll show him my love on the school trip, during the sports festival... whenever and wherever!When it comes to love, Saya goes her own way! Saya and Kinu make their comic series debut! Their love is top secret.

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