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Please, Make Me Cum! [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

AuthorSakuya uroco

Teased to the brink, forced to beg... I'm so embarrassed, yet for some reason I obey... Am I an extreme masochist?! I'm working as a home tutor for my boyfriend's younger brother. My boyfriend's so busy that I can hardly see him, but I'm with his brother every day... Yes... I... I'm cheating on my boyfriend with his brother... My boyfriend's cool and composed, and his brother is a mischief-maker. They're completely different from one another... but the one thing they both have in common is that they're both dominant and love to tease me!


My Teacher is a Devil... [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

AuthorKoshian uroco

My teacher and my best friend, lustily intertwining, making obscene sounds... Mr. Suwabe... Why are you making me watch?! Nanami is secretly in love with her teacher, Mr. Suwabe. One day, she stumbles upon him and her best friend having passionate sex. Nanami swore to give up her love for the sake of her dear friend, but Mr. Suwabe begins to seduce her in turn. "Was that your first kiss?" Nanami goes weak in the knees for her teacher's passionate kiss, but soon after she is forced to watch him sexually dominate her friend. "Mr. Suwabe, please... Don't play with my heart... !!"


The Little School Nurse That Could ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

AuthorRemi Aoi

Ever since she was in junior high, Kana's wanted to become a school nurse. However, the handsome professor overseeing her first training assignment presents her with quite the moral dilemma...yet a determined Kana is ready to give it her all!

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