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Scented Sexy Man - Aroused by His Smell! - Comic


"Are you really that desperate...?" Akari is asked by Takeru, a younger guy at her university. It seems that, without realizing it, Akari has been letting out erotic moans on the train she rides to school every morning... And with an erotic expression at that. The extremely forward Takeru says that he'll be her partner, and sticks his tongue in her ear...!? She doesn't want it, but... Takeru's smell causes Akari's body to seek further pleasure. "What in the world has happened to me...!?"


First Love Comic

It was a warm spring day when Yuuji, my childhood friend who is one year younger than me, confessed to me. Our love began naturally, but before the cherry trees are in full blossom again, I'll have to leave my home town behind and go to study. The distance between us is getting longer, so I'm scared. Will Yuuji's feelings get more distant too? Perhaps my anxiety will go away if I give my body to him...? Perhaps we'll become adults who know what love is. This beautiful first love story takes place between the seasons of snow and cherry blossoms.


Erotic Host - My Quiet Employee's Hidden Side - Comic

AuthorKoshian uroco

"Want to see how I taste?" "Full-on sex inside a host club?! These guys just suddenly turn super horny and come after me!" Natsuki doesn't know how to deal with her quiet employee, until she happens to go to a host club and sees him working there! Unlike when he's at work, Natsuki's employee is elegant and outgoing, leaving Natsuki at his mercy. "You can take a host you like home," he says, pushing her down! Forced to feel pleasure inside the host club... what will Natsuki do?!


My Boss Younger Brother's Commands... -A Sweet and Wonderful Cohabitation- Comic


Can you sleep with me, big sis? A body that gets fondled and undone until its sensitive spots becomes warm and sticky... After my father remarried, I thought I'd get a new younger brother, but it turned out to be a hot senior worker from the same office I work in! Now all of a sudden we have to live together! This new life is so titillating, I'm completely at its mercy! Then one day, my younger brother comes home drunk and suddenly pushes me down and fondles my breasts! It may just be the mood he's in, but I want him to touch my melting body...


The 30-Year-Old Virgin Comic


Hinako, who just turned 30, is a clean freak who's really sensitive about being touched by men. Naturally, she's never been able to have a good relationship, and is still a virgin. But she doesn't want to die a virgin! And so, she gets her co-worker Kai to introduce a man to her in order to graduate from virginity! She takes her own clothes off and tells the man to tie her up so she can't move! "You can do anything to me!" And so, the man starts to fondle her breasts and move his other hand under her skirt! Will she be able to have sex properly?! Don't miss the hard struggle of this 30-year-old virgin!


One Waitress' Dilemma Comic


Mizuki starts her new job a live-in waitress on the most bizarre foot - the cafe's young, impudent owner suddenly jumps her while trying on her maid uniform! Still, she begins to find enjoyment in her job helping out the kind old barista - that is, until the barista suddenly collapses...!

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