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Unrequited Love Limited Comic

Mihiro falls in love with her home tutor, Naoki Ebisawa. But, it turns out Naoki's in love with her sister, Makina...


Frozen Heart Comic

Rina is afraid of love and the reason for her fears, Shigeru, appears before her eyes. Shigeru, the boy she used to love, then asks if he can help her overcome her broken heart! While the hurt he caused and the love she felt still haunt her, he finds a way into her icy heart with his kind, warm touch...


Welcome Home Comic

AuthorSae Kimi

Feeling alone... doing all the annoying housework... these are the things that come with the freedom of living alone, but Rei doesn't have to deal with this at all! When she comes home, her next-door neighbor Shuichi welcomes her with warm food and a caring smile! The two first met by chance because Rei accidentally walked into Shuichi's apartment, thinking it was hers. It's so nice to come home to someone waiting for you... It's as if they're living together. Rei finds herself gradually falling for Shuichi, as the time they spend together is always warm and happy, except she realizes there's someone in Shuichi's past he still hasn't gotten over yet...!!


Yuuki and Nao [Total ch. 9] Completed Comic Popular

Nao and Yuuki's paths cross at the cafe she works at. It all starts when she decides to talk to Yuuki one afternoon after she notices him bawling his eyes out, not caring about the scene he's causing. He looks like a cool and popular guy, but he's crying because he's had his heart broken. Before long, she finds herself listening to his troubles and giving him advice. Nao, a student who's never fallen in love, slowly becomes captivated by Yuuki's honesty... Although they're completely different people, their natural compatibility sees the two of them go from being friends to becoming lovers.


My Flower Ikka Comic

For Ikka, her relationship with Mr. Saiki, her college teacher who used to be her tutor in junior high school, means happiness. She's his student, half his age, but her feelings are stronger than that. She knows, however, that for him it's a problem... His words, his kisses, his love... Everything says their feelings for one another are true and cannot be undone by that, so why do they have to part...?


Maidens XXX at Shrines [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

AuthorSui Sakita

There's a shrine famous for granting wishes for people to fall in love with one another. Also, there's a mysterious legend about how you have to "pray in a special way" there. Instead of giving monetary offerings, if you have sex on the shrine grounds, you'll get a boyfriend!! Mio's a 19-year-old girl who's never had a boyfriend and she's been going to all-girl schools her whole life. During a visit, she gets up the courage and begins masturbating at the shrine. But, Yutaka, one of the priests who works there, catches her, and she is greatly embarrassed. The next day, when she goes to a mixer, she finds Yutaka there!! Mio feels annoyed by Yutaka's mean attitude, but...


Do As I Say Comic

Kazuya joins the home cooking club that Hitomi belongs to. He's rude and egotistical. Just who does he think he is!? But he apologizes immediately when he's yelled at, and seems to have a surprisingly gentle side to him. While she's being aggressively swayed by Kazuya, the distance between them closes up bit by bit...


Teach Me How to Love Comic


"C'mon, let's go on a date." At work, I try to keep it a secret that I write novels, but my junior coworker Kakei happens to catch me writing! Then, to help make the date scenes more realistic, he talks me into going on a date with him. My first date ever! He holds my hand, and... something about how he's acting today gets my heart racing. It makes me want to see him again...


Love's Locus Comic

When I come to, I'm having sex with a stranger. What on Earth is going on!? I know for a fact that it's my room, but I have no recollection of the events that happened before this. I ask for his name and before I know it, he's asked me to be his girlfriend... And I go and say "ok"...


Mermaid Tail Comic

Right after the end of Kasumi's "love affair" with a teacher at her college, Naoki asks her out. She'd never planned for it to happen - it might've been the alcohol, or rebound... but when she wakes up, Naoki's sleeping naked next to her... Naoki's feelings steadily find their way into her heart, as if to erase all memory of the lost love she'd once believed in. Kasumi feels something warm stirring inside her, but her wounded heart is holding her back...


They'll Hear Us! -Accosted by My Student- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


"You're naughtier than I thought, Teach." Her body shakes with pleasure from his fingerwork. Accosted in one of the study rooms, she can't hold her moans in any longer...! In order to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher, Tomomi is working part-time at a private tutoring academy. Her first student is none other than an old high school classmate, Tetsuya Fujimoto. Despite being highly intelligent, his lack of motivation frustrates Tomomi to no end. When he mentions a reward might be the ticket to helping him concentrate, Tomomi happily agrees and is amazed when he aces his quiz! "It's time for my reward now..." With those words, Tetsuya suddenly kisses her...!


Egotistical Fortune-Telling [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

A friend with benefits. That's all Nakura was supposed to be. We have the best sex ever, but we don't get along at all, and plus, he's not really my type. Our realationship so far has been comforable, but I want a real boyfriend. So, I do a little fortune-telling and wallah! It gives me the perfect result! Nakura keeps nagging me about it and so I swear to find my Mr. Perfect just to get back at him, but...


Naughty Romances -Offering Him My Body for Something in Return- Comic

Minori and Takeshi are so tight that everyone thinks they're an item. They're only buddies - not a couple - because back in high school, he told her that he wanted to remain friends. Since then, Minori has acted like a good friend should, when one day Takeshi gets on top of her in the angst of a broken heart. She doesn't care if she's just a stand-in for his ex-girlfriend. Minori wants Takeshi to make love to her and she tries to accept him, but things don't go as expected... This collection includes the tale of Minori and Takeshi as well as other stories full of heartrending sex appeal.


Let's Eat! Comic

"Close your mouth when you eat, Piggy." Alice's first love, Romi, is always insulting her. She wants to lose weight, but eating makes her so happy. Now that they're college students, Romi's even hotter. But Alice is as chubby as ever...... Romi's still calling her "Piggy". The divide between them keeps growing. Alice knows he'll never be her boyfriend, but still......


Train Sex Comic

AuthorCoco Satou

Kaoru hates traveling in a packed train every morning, but there's one thing she looks forward to: staring at Hayato, her crush from high school, and imagining having sex with him. She knows she shouldn't be doing it, but she can't help her naughty imagination! One day, she happens to stand next to him on the train! Her dirty thoughts get out of control as her body touches his...... but Hayato starts to act strange...... He's breathing heavily, blushing and groaning...... Is someone groping him!? In her attempt to find out who the groper is...... Kaoru realizes that it's her! She's touching him between his legs! "......Are you going to take responsibility for this?" The accidental groping gives her a chance to get close to him! And her naughty fantasies come true......


Ecstasy Train: From the Front and from Behind Comic

AuthorAki Hiura

I hate crowded trains. Taking advantage of the fact that I can't move, perverts grab me from behind...! They whisper stickily in my ear and even though I hate it, I end up getting turned on. Barely able to stand, at this rate I'm sure I'll... Or so I thought, when Tohru, my classmate from university, catches the pervert's hand and stops him for me. "I can't believe that Tohru, the guy that I like, saved me..." I think so happily to myself, when he says, "If you don't like it, you should say so yourself. Or do you actually like to be molested?" What a shock! I cry and he apologizes, and then goes out of his way to ward off perverts, but...


Dirty-Minded Guinea Pig -Pleasure Laboratory- (Current ch. 2) Comic

"You put on a serious front, but you're actually a slut, aren't you?" No matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing, I've got a bad habit of fantasizing about sex with Minato. This week Minato's been busy, so we haven't had sex at all... And I'm fantasizing about him more than ever! Whether I'm in the library, at the supermarket, or playing games at home, I just can't help but think about sex with him. I wonder if he'll hate a girl like me...


Caught by an Arrogant Beast Comic

Mizuho fell in love at first sight with her college classmate, Hayato. She tells him how she feels, but not only does he not look her way, he doesn't even treat her like a woman......! Her every day is spent being teased by the arrogant, cool Hayato, but her feelings just become stronger. She tries whatever tactics she can to get him to come around, but......! An arrogant man, a younger boy, a stubborn girl...... A collection of heart-warming stories filled with all kinds of love!


My Childhood Friend Is One Mean Doctor -Don't Touch Me There- Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

Sakura's anemia flares up during job-hunting season - the most pivotal time of her life. She turns to her mother for support, only to have a hot young man come over in her stead!! With her business taking up all her time, Sakura's mother asked Sakura's childhood friend and neighbor to take care of her. He's back on break from studying at some famous medical school in America. He's here to cook, clean, and give her a physical examination...... She's hesitant at first, as he always used to tease her, but the more he feels (examines) her body, the hotter she gets... Until...!


The Maid's Torment Comic

Anzu's university club is opening up a cafe. She asks her older boyfriend to stop by, and can't wait to show him her maid uniform. "Welcome, Master!" she says, charmingly. But his reaction isn't what she expected... She's dressed as a maid, and she's going to service him as sweetly and seductively as she can.

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