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A Pure Boy Meets an Imaginative Girl -How Much Is Too Much for the First Time!?- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


Mitsuru Hayuka, the Art Director at M.J. Games, has worked so many late nights that she hasn't had time for a boyfriend and now she's almost 30. While her coworkers are dating and getting married left and right, Mitsuru has been out of the scene so long that coming up with a good scenario for a dating simulator app mini-game is a serious challenge. Mitsuru's one secret bright spot is the new guy, Ichito Katou, who showers her with encouragement. "I love (the games) you (make) so much!" She remembers him telling her point blank while burning the midnight oil and blushes. Then her imagination takes it to the next level ...! "Sleeping arm in arm? If it's alright with you, why don't we model it?" With that, Ichito's fingers and tongue hit all of Mitsuru's sweet spots. Knowing her sensitive places too well for it to be his first time, Mitsuru's body melts in a heat she'd long forgotten. Unable to withstand the urges washing over her, she starts to crave more of Ichito. "Was all that really just in my head!? Or was it...!?"


Melty Office -Handsome Manager's Overtime Work- Comic


One day, a common office worker, Hinano, develops a disease that causes her breasts and hips to grow when she gets wet by water. Her body only goes back to normal if she reaches an orgasm. But her breast will get bigger if she touches water again. Because of this disease, she gets erotic problems everywhere...!? She's molested on the train and experiences naughty things at the office...even her boss gets involved......It's full of erotic scenes!

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