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English Lord, Ordinary Lady Comic


Josie does things her way. Sporting shockingly pink hair and striking clothes, she runs the historic Elmhurst Hall's tea room. Despite coming from an old-money family of high standing, there is nothing Josie despises more than doing what's expected of her. When a man arrives one day to take over the hall following the death of its former lord, Josie is alarmed to find he's the type of man she hates the most: the pushy, straightlaced aristocrat, William Radcliffe. He may be handsome, but his constant nagging has Josie at her wit's end. Enough is enough! She's not about to take orders from anyone!



The Wedding Surprise Comic


Caitlin decides to be cast in the new TV show Fake Fiance when she discovers her father's enormous debt. The distasteful plot of the show is for two strangers to pretend they are lovers and expose their lies at their wedding three months later. When the participants successfully complete three months without being discovered, they are paid a large sum of money. Caitlin's fake fiance, Aiden, appears to be a wild and intimidating man, and enjoys giving Caitlin the cold stare for some reason. Caitlin soon regrets her decision, but she is resolved to complete this job to save her family. But when she finds out Aiden's true identity, her heart succumbs to him...!



The Bride's Baby Comic


The moment she first saw her best friend's fiance, Tom, Sylvie could feel her heart rate rising. She quells those feelings and focuses on preparing her friend's wedding as the professional event planner that she is, but then the bride disappears right before the wedding! Sylvie ends up spending a passionate night with Tom, to comfort him during his time of loss. She then sends him a letter telling him that she's pregnant with his child, but when she doesn't hear back from him, Sylvie feels betrayed and unwanted. What are the chances that they'd be reunited by a magazine project to design her "dream wedding,"which lands her in the role of the bride and him as the groom?



Doukakis's Apprentice Comic


The advertisement agency started by Polly's father has been bought out by Damon Doukakis. Why would the leader of such a large corporation choose this tiny company as his target? The workers are baffled, but Polly knows exactly why: Damon is trying to punish Polly's father for eloping with his sister, Arianna. Damon declares he will fire all of the executives, and also warns Polly that she will no longer have nepotism on her side. Damon's arrogance and Polly's determination to protect her company pit them against each other?but one night, sparks of passion end up leading to intimacy.


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