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Puppy Love Preschool Comic

AuthorYuhi Akino

College student Kakeru is delighted to hear that he'll be joined for his preschool student teacher training by his own first love from preschool, Mizuki. To his dismay, when Mizuki shows up, she's not the sweet little girl he remembers, but a handsome guy. Kakeru is still in shock and even repulsed at the turn of events when during a conversation Mizuki tells him, "You were very special to me. You were my first love!" Will embarrassment and pride get in the way of their first love story!? A pure love anthology with a collection of heart-warming stories featuring students! This is the first comic from Yuhi Akino.


Me, My Trainee,And the Sequel to Our Love Comic


Chikashi's been dating his previously-straight trainee, Tomoaki, for half a year. It's his first relationship. Acting even more hot-and-cold than usual, he comes to realize just how important Tomoaki is, but just then, it's announced that Tomoaki's being transferred... This is the sequel to "Me, My Trainee, and our Love Story", complete with a previously unpublished story!! What will happen to the love between these two bumbling office workers...!?


Escape Comic

Our hero, Yamato Majima (17), is a total dick magnet who's been with at least 20 guys. He's got that magnetic "it" factor that just draws men to him! It's an all-out comic chock full of male drama, romance, and sex, based on the ever-popular yaoi computer game "Escape" and brought to you by the original creator of the game's scripts and characters, Shiuko Kano!


Minor Monster Panic Comic

AuthorNeko Kanda

Kojiro Suzuki (Protector: Ifrid) belongs to the Discipline Monitoring Committee of a high school for kids who have a stronger than normal "Divine Protection." He works hard every day to clear all sorts of trouble. On top of that, he's constantly pursued by the stunningly beautiful D.M.C. Chairman Lauri Asagiri (Protector: Leviathan)...! This is a "metamorphosis love battle" between a super beautiful and feminine top and a stone-faced, handsome bottom with a dark past, unfolding in a fantasy-style high school!!
*Let me explain! Divine Protection is a power all humans possess since birth. There are various kinds of protection, based on the original protector and their powers: angels, demons, holy beasts, demon beasts, spirits, and so on. Individual power is generally low, but in some rare cases there are people with strong Divine Protection...


Hearts in Canon Comic

Due to family matters, Hanada quits playing the music instrument he has been playing since high school and is living through one boring day after the next, until he runs into Hashizaki when attending the brass band reunion on a whim... He can't believe it when the once-serious Hashizaki shows up wearing a flashy suit... Hanada doesn't like the person he's become, gets drunk and takes it out on Hashizaki. But not only does Hashizaki passionately steal a kiss from him, he tells Hanada he's liked him since high school...! Passionate love unfolds between the flashy but loyal top and the bottom who has difficulty communicating with others. This manga also includes "Melancholy Melody," depicting the bittersweet love between two high schoolers in the brass band club.


Time for Service!? Comic

Eita, the heir to the Ichinomori Group, is showered with love by two CEOs, Kenshirou and Ryouma! But one day, an Italian designer named Amedeo threatens legal action for an alleged contract violation. Eita steps in to ease the situation, and he ends up learning about Amedeo's first love in the process. There must be more to it. Not only that, Kenshirou and Ryouma's secretaries, Imaizumi and Fujishiro, are behaving strangely... This is for everyone's happiness...! Eita moves in to help, but how does he really feel...!?


Me, My Boss, And Our Love Story Comic


Tomoaki Takanashi has just started at his first proper job and soon learns that his manager, Chikashi Tokunaga, is gay. The other employees all know, too, but they also all know that Chikashi's romantically interested in Mr. Furuya, the CEO. Although Tomoaki's taken aback by such an open and welcoming company, he soon realizes that he can't keep his eyes off Chikashi. Are these feelings... love!? This is a cute love story between a straight subordinate and his gay manager.


Angel and Devil Comic

"Little Devil" Makoto and "Mr. Angel" Shiro have been inseparable since childhood. Up until now, Shiro has only reacted to Makoto's constant teasing with nothing but smiles. However, once Shiro's true feelings are revealed... will he be the one having the last laugh!? The tale of a perfect angel who manages to pull one over on his devilish buddy starts off this sexy collection packed with cute and fresh short stories.


Just a Prisoner of Love Comic

My college classmate Kyohei and I tried out a little BDSM to get out of a sex rut. I find myself getting strangely addicted the more we do it, and now... The bruises on my wrist bother me; I can't wear short sleeves, and my sex drive is increasing by the day. This is so not good... But when I tell Kyohei I want to stop, he locks me out on my balcony, stark naked...! What's to become of our escalating BDSM relationship?


Time for Business!? Comic

Loved by two CEOs, Kenshirou and Ryouma, Eita's forced to wear many costumes and is hounded by their sexual advances as well as marriage proposals every day... but there are dark clouds on the horizon! Kenshirou's father, Kengo, will stop at nothing to find out if Eita is a suitable wife... by making his life a living hell! And what'll happen when a mysterious Italian named Julio joins the mix!?


How to Get Your Guy to Open up Comic

AuthorAoi Kujyo

"I... like you, Mr. Ichikawa." The words slip from his mouth as his body temperature rises everywhere he's touched. Natsuki is drawn to art teacher Mr. Ichikawa, so when he hears of Mr. Ichikawa's sudden resignation, he runs to stop him... The art room colored with all their memories together is now fogged up from their hot and heavy breathing... A sensitive, exquisitely romantic ensemble piece written by Aoi Kujyo!


Maniac Lover Comic

Model and singer Yuki finds himself in a tough situation, as he's caught the eye of both his handsome agent and a music producer in this romantic-comedy love-triangle! Sexy scenes abound! Yuki Miyamura (age 30) normally hides behind his thick glasses, but in order to pay back the ten million dollar debt owed by his brother, his high school classmate, Akiharu Tsubaki, signs him to his family's talent agency. However, there is one condition... He has to pose as an 18-year-old heartthrob! While trying to dodge Akiharu's attempts to seduce him, Yuki does his best to find success in his new career. Then one day, he meets music producer Shogo Asano...


The 10 O'Clock Rule Comic

Wataru Chinen is a high school teacher, lover of cute boys, and a top. His first love and long-time friend, Ryusei Yamaguchi, is also a top. Worse yet, Ryusei went from looking like the ideal boy-next-door to a rugged ex-convict. Ryusei admits he has feelings for Wataru, but that ship has long since sailed. Or, has it...? This work is a spin-off of "Rule Number One", which predominately shared the story of two bottoms looking for love! Look no further for more stories of the now-versatile Etsu and Rio.


Time to Work!? Comic

Two completely different company presidents. And it's up to me, Eita Kitayama, to find out which one would be the better heir for the Ichinomori Group... by spying on them! ...That was the plan. But after being subjected to sexual harassment and made to cross-dress, both of them start toying with me...! They say weird things to me... "Sensitive, aren't you?" (Ryouma) "I'll whip you into shape, just the way I like." (Kenshirou) Akira Kanbe and Minori Shima team up to deliver an office romance story where the protagonist gets more loving than he can handle.


The Young Lord's Lost It! Comic

AuthorKai Nanase

My childhood friend is a super sadistic lord who's a bit too "hands-on"! His conduct is impeccable and his grades excellent... I've always admired that side of my best friend, Sakae Kurashina, but then a certain accident triggers a change and he turns into a perverted feudal lord! He embraces, kisses, and caresses me regardless of location... On top of that, I get carried off to the bedroom in broad daylight... I want to refuse, but I can't help myself. Both my heart and my dick throb so hard! Isn't my chastity in danger!? I hope Sakae returns to his old self as soon as possible...!


Umegatani Boys' High School -Romance of the Dark Princes- Comic

Haruka Ichijou became the school's kingpin because of his princely good looks and wild aura. For some reason, something about Mario Sena from class 1-B - the only class not under his thumb - intrigues him. The two go to the roof to settle things man to man!! ...Until Haruka makes a very unexpected advance...! Also included is a story about a quiet tough guy and his younger childhood friend, as well as the story of a loyal underling and a cool beauty. This is an anthology about love so sweet it hurts bewteen deliquents in an all-boys school!!


If I Kiss Him Comic

Izumi likes two things: sweets and a boy in another class at his high school, Ibuki. Ibuki marches to the beat of his own drum, which Izumi admires. However, Izumi is approached by Ibuki's twin, Satsuki! His playboy vibe instantly turns Izumi off, but Satsuki is persistent! Flashforward, and Ibuki thinks Satsuki is dating Izumi... That's when it happens... Ibuki hisses, "I hate gays." Also included is a love story which centers around the two versatile young men, Rio and Etsu, from "Rule Number One".


To Seduce a Teacher. Comic

The serious, stern, handsome teacher, Misaki, and the number one host who can't be seduced, Mitsunari. Coincidence brings them together, and drawn to Misaki's looks and expressions, Mitsunari forces Misaki into a one-night stand! Mitsunari is unable to contain his lust for the unassuming Misaki, and Misaki is confused by Mitsunari's aggressive advances. This is a dangerously sexy and overwhelmingly erotic game of love!


At the Command of the Student Council President [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Ichika Okuzaki joins the student council to get closer to the flawless and pretty president Mahiro Sasamori. Except, the student council president is actually a hardcore masochistic pervert!! One day, Ichika finds Mahiro tying himself up and masturbating, but for some reason, Ichika gets threatened and forced to help with the bondage...! Ichika gets sick of Mahiro ignoring his feelings and only wanting Ichika to tie him up, so he decides to act for himself... This manga also contains a spin-off of the student council story, "Mr. Secretary and His Pet -A Poisonous Summer-" and "Here, Mr. Kojo, an Aphrodisiac."

Plus! A bonus page is included exclusively for users who purchase this manga from Renta!


It Started with a Goodbye Comic

Kei Kurosu leads the ordinary life of an office worker, but he's actually a vampire. Now and then, he feeds on the life essence of men with strong libidos. One day, he meets hotel owner Sho, who says to him, "We meet at last..." and Kei ends up in Sho's arms! Sho knows Kei's a vampire, saying Kei was the gardener at his mansion 20 years ago. But, Kei has no memories of that! Sho won't stop chasing Kei and lusting after his body. Just what happened in Kei's past? How are they going to feel about each other when he finds out...!?

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