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My Lucky Star Comic

As a member of a wolf clan, Kiyoto uses his human form to "emigrate" in order to join an idol group and find himself a bride! However, far from being welcomed by his fellow group member Motoharu, it seems like Motoharu hates him. Kiyoto works hard in the lessons while hiding his secret, but on the night of a full moon, he can't hold back his instincts and ends up pushing Motoharu down on the bed...!


My Studio Apartment Butler (Current ch. 2) Comic

A beautiful man suddenly turns up at Satori's run-down apartment, saying, "I am Saizo Kusunoki, your butler." In truth, Satori is descended from a super rich family. As a young child, though, he began to show signs of social withdrawal as a result of constant stress, so his mother, who was opposed to her family's privileged mindset, left home along with Satori and his father. The three of them lived a humble but happy life...... And now, after his parents' sudden death, Satori lives as a poor student who spends all of his time working. Enter the butler. He is from the main family and informs Satori of the recent death of his grandfather along with the will which names Satori as the next family head...... Satori receives daily training on how to purport himself from this handsome, older, aristocratic, slightly sadistic butler. Kusunoki calls it his "duty", and soon starts to train Satori's body, too...!


Loving You Exclusively Comic

My co-worker and drinking buddy Fujiki and I both bat for the same team, and he's an important friend I can talk about anything with. Although he has some one-night stands, he apparently has a one-sided crush on some guy. One night, I get extremely drunk, and he takes me home as he usually does when I drink too much... But then he forces a kiss on me!! "Sorry, I can't hold back anymore. Give in and sleep with me." What's he talking about? We're just friends! This could be a disaster! What should I do!?


Storm of Love Comic

Haruma is the star of the kabuki theater. His good looks and slightly arrogant attitude make him irresistible. But there is one thing he can't do... He can't take care of himself very well, so he hires a housekeeper, Minoru. As usual, Haruma tries to make a move on Minoru, but gets turned down. "I do not get sexually involved with my employers!" Haruma is surprised by the rejection and gradually starts to become interested in Minoru...


The Passing Summer Comic

Swept away by the passing summer, a boy discovers love and becomes a man... A collection of four short love stories by Futaba Aoi and Mitsuba Kurenai, including the pure and bittersweet "The Passing Summer"!


Secret Disk: Demo Version Comic

Yukito joins the same PC club as Yuito, an older student he admires. It's there he finds the game Yuito is making, and comes across the scene of himself being ravaged by a man......! Does Yuito want Yukito for his game......? Or perhaps it's desire? Maybe love? What does he want from Yukito!?


I Like Gay Manga, So What? Comic

High-schooler Sena has three problems: he has social anxiety, is a geek, and likes gay manga. He doesn't have any friends, either, except for the popular and good-looking Hayato. They've been friends since they were babies, and although Hayato knows about Sena's taste for gay manga, he doesn't care. But one day, Sena's classmate, Kojima, finds out about the kind of manga Sena likes, and things start getting awkward between Sena and Hayato... And then Sena thinks about Hayato while masturbating! Even though Sena likes gay manga, he isn't gay himself, or at least that's what he thought!! Other than this naughty romance about a boy who likes gay manga, there's lots of love and loving between a very sexy guy on a swim team and his very cute captain in the dark romance, "He's Stealing My Underwear." Along with shaving private parts in "Playing with Razors", this manga is filled with tons of erotic situations!


Bad-Boy Nanny -Raising a Baby with My Teacher- Comic

He smokes and fights at school... He cooks and cleans at home... Aoi's a girly bad-boy! But, he's looking to shake up his monotonous daily routine. Then, one day, popular teacher Mr. Sawamura blackmails Aoi into moving in with him and taking care of a baby! But is Sawamura really a creepy pervert...? Love and child-rearing, with an age gap!


The Manga Artist's Assistant Comic

AuthorHiro Kaida

Kenta's beloved dog needs an operation, so he takes a high-paying job as a manga artist's assistant in order to pay for it. However, the artist in question, Rei Natsukawa, draws yaoi comics and sexually harasses Kenta on a daily basis! His frustrating personality totally lays waste to his devilish good looks!! Rei's hot when he keeps his mouth shut, but when he doesn't, he comes out with bold lines like "I bet you taste good down there" and "I'm going to get off to these photos of you tonight." It's such a shame...... Kenta thinks he's a lost cause, but then Rei's manliness and kindness shine through the frequent bouts of sexual harassment! In this fight of love between a horny artist and his assistant, who'll emerge victorious!?


This Ain't Love! Comic

AuthorAzumi Kana

Who would expect to get sexually harrassed during some boring part-time job!? That's exactly what happens when yours truly (said part-timer Haruka Akizuki) gets sent to a famous writer's estate to pick up his latest work. The guy, a bigwig in the field and sporting the face of a real player (must get laid all the time!) tells me it's not ready. I'm freaking out, trying to get him to write, when he says, "I want a treat when I'm done." Did I hear that right?? And what's this thrill I'm getting, being tied up and... Was that MY voice...!? A dude's never done that to me before! The hell's going on with me...!? These are a part-timer's hard days at the mercy of an eccentric novelist! It's a sadistic, erotic love story from Azumi Kana!


Princess Game Comic


Everyone at Ouka High loves the annual Princess Contest. Ranked "most beautiful" among the first year students, Naozumi Himeno is hesitant, but decides to take part in the competition... The student chosen as princess will receive a "Principal's Permission Ticket", allowing him to realize his wishes at school, and that's what Naozumi's after. So, to save the Art Club from being shut down, he enters as a candidate in the contest. But, what's this "Princess Game" that's centering on Naozumi...!? And what's with that guy, Kodai Shibayama, who told Naozumi not to enter!? The game's about to start, and it's packed with beautiful men!


The Wolf and His Little White Bunny Comic

College student Tomoya, dumped by his first love, gets drunk and passes out in the pouring rain, only to be found by cafe-owner Takawa. But...... at night, the cafe becomes a bar, where the (all male!) staff become lingerie-clad bunnies! Tomoya ends up working at the cafe, forced to become a bunny himself, and then even gets down and dirty with Takawa! This is a sweet-but-sexy love story between a cool, arrogant older man and an ordinary college student.


A Raven That Cries but Sheds No Tears Comic


Lately, Seiji Aizawa can't stop thinking about his neighbor, Rin Ugouda, a very cool and extremely sexy guy who goes to his college. Trying to get closer to him, Seiji finds out that Rin is actually gay. Rin kisses Seiji and warns him, "Don't get too close to me," but the kiss makes Seiji realize that he has feelings for Rin. After Seiji tells Rin, "We can be friends with benefits," they sleep together... But their relationship turns into something more. This is a passionate and bittersweet love story that takes place in a historic city, in the middle of the summer.


Hybrid Stardust Comic


"Hey, old man, if you plan to die then at least have sex with me first." Taizo Yakyo is a middle-aged man who's drowning in debt and loathes the world around him. All of a sudden, a handsome young man named Kiyoto appears before him. Kiyoto reaches out and says, "Your body, old man, is too lovely to waste." Taizo accepts the young man's invitation, but... Taizo is then taken to a huge mansion, where he finds out Kiyoto's the heir to a famous and wealthy business conglomerate! Kiyoto then forcibly straddles Taizo, saying, "I'll make all your debts go away, so from now on, you're gonna screw me whenever I want, OK?" ...!? This is a rags-to-riches-style love story between a middle-aged man who's hit rock bottom and a bossy, spoiled brat!


Where Love Goes [Plus Bonus Page] Comic

Izumo is a part-time high school social studies teacher, and he has feelings for Muroto - a popular, handsome physics teacher. As the graduation ceremony for seniors draws close, Muroto takes refuge from his enthusiastic female students in Izumo's classroom. To Izumo, he says, "Please be my girlfriend!!" Also, it seems that Tomogashima, a student who's close to Izumo, likes Muroto as well...... The love triangle that revolves around a lighthouse's legend begins during spring break...
Plus! A bonus page is included exclusively for users who purchase this manga from Renta!

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