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Around the World in 80 Lays Comic


The day has finally come - Roku gets to have sex for the first time with his beloved boyfriend, Aki! But when he finishes... he wakes up in a completely different place! Roku discovers that he teleports when he ejaculates, and he isn't thrilled... Until he learns to control his powers, they can't have sex! So, he sets out to train his teleportation skills. He wants to have lovey-dovey sex with Aki, no matter where it takes him!! A hilarious romantic comedy about a guy who "goes" when he "comes", in full color!


Stud Sell-Off: Genuine Get Them While They're Hot! Comic


Our main character ends up agreeing to do a suspicious part-time job because it pays a high hourly wage... Turns out that he's to become a "gay art piece" where he has to cosplay for people! He freaks out and tries to flee, but they force him to stay! They put him on display as they please, and it turns out that touching and rubbing is actually allowed as well! Day after day, old men fondle and play with him... And just as he thinks he's gotten used to it, one man reveals his plan to sell him at an underground auction! OK, now things are REALLY getting out of control! In more ways than one!


My Boss Is a Hidden "Virgin" Pervert Comic


Nanami works at an apparel company, but he has a secret he can't tell anyone: he's gay and a virgin. Not only that, he enjoys "playing" with one of the mannequins at the office late at night! One night his good-looking subordinate Fujieda sees him with the mannequin! Instead of exposing him, Fujieda makes him do a "masturbation show" with the mannequin every night after that. When they find out Nanami is supposed to be transferred, will their relationship change...?

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