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The Blue-Collar Boy's Intense Caress -Going So Far the First Time...- Comic

One day, Kasumi gets harassed by a stranger and Yuto, a blue-collar worker who happened to be nearby helps her... She goes to his house to treat her wound, but... he ends up seducing her and...! She can't believe she's going this far with a guy she barely knows!!


Cherries and Skirts Comic


"I wonder if it's true that I can become an angel if I keep my v-card..." Natsuki has a secret crush on his best friend, Mikura, who's never been intimate with anyone. For Mikura's sake, Natsuki offers to play the role of the girlfriend that Mikura might get someday. Natsuki wears a girls' school uniform, and Mikura looks like he's happy touching Natsuki's upper arm, but... Will Mikura be able to become a "fallen angel" without a hitch?


Falling for a Freeloader Comic

Serious but soft-hearted Kimikazu has had his hands full with his happy-go-lucky friend Sora since they were kids. Kimikazu's so used to it, he's even a little happy that Sora expects Kimikazu to look after him in the future. But, Sora doesn't change his ways, always bouncing from one girlfriend's house to the next... until one day, he bounces into Kimikazu's home. "Do you want me to leave?" Why is Sora determined to turn Kimikazu's life upside-down? This love story features a happy-go-lucky layabout and his awkward friend.


Tokyo Boys Cinema Comic

AuthorMiu Minami

Aoi has started to make a name for himself in showbiz. His manager approaches him and his boyfriend Ryo to break off their relationship. Can they really go back to just being childhood friends...!?


Spica Comic

AuthorHana Aoi

Rina's tutor is Jinsuke Matsuo, a rather disheveled-looking college student. It takes Jinsuke two hours to come to her home from the countryside, where he seems to be enjoying the slow life. Hungry for a little stimulation to her all-work-and-no-play summer break, Rina decides to spend four days at his house. They're enjoying a wholesome lifestyle under the same roof ? that is, until something happens that brings out the man in him...!


Bittersweet Darling Comic

Working part-time at a cake store is no laughing matter around Valentine's Day! What do I do when the cold patissier coats me in chocolate instead of the cake!?


Marrying My Childhood Sweetheart -Seduction in Nothing But an Apron- Comic

I finally married my childhood sweetheart! ...But, it's not nearly as passionate as I imagined... I can't believe it's been over a month and we haven't consummated our marriage. Am I just not an attractive woman...? Why did you marry me, Atsuya?


Get Hot -Brushing up Your Skills as a Woman- Comic

I'm 24, never had a boyfriend, and the furthest thing away from "pretty." I don't get how "cute girls" can be so touchy-feely and puppy-eyed... Out of the blue, Nakahara, a new employee at work, asked me out! We were about to kiss, but it was a prank set up by the other guys at work... I wonder if I'll ever be popular with the guys. While I was mumbling at the family altar, a ghost named Komachi appeared in front of me! And she's my ancestor!? And she's gonna give me tips on how to be get male attention!?


A Broken Heart Ally Comic

Shouta, who's in love with his childhood friend Mei, hates Chika, who is Mei's brother, because Chika always interferes with Shouta trying to confess his love to Mei. However, they accidentally have sex after the shocking news of Mei's new boyfriend... They try to forget the accident and now cooperate to break up Mei and her boyfriend, but one of their plans involves Chika disguised as a woman. Shouta cannot control the rising feeling he has for Chika in women's clothes, even though he doesn't look like Mei at all...


I Won't Accept a Happy Ending Comic


Mr. Sasazuka mistakenly slept with his student, Yamaguchi. Even though he was drunk at the time, the high school teacher still disgraced himself, so he keeps Yamaguchi at a distance. After all, his partner is known around school as the young hottie who could be straight out of a romance novel. Surely, the two would never get along...! Or, could a happy ending be waiting at the end of this younger boy's sweet seduction? Maybe at least... a slightly indecent love lesson?


A Fool for Love Fortunes Comic


A young man is crestfallen after his girlfriend tells him he's terrible in bed. He decides to ask a reputed fortune-teller for help... who turns out to be a handsome and sadistic man determined to widen the boy's horizons! The seductive fortune-teller relentlessly attacks his most sensitive parts, and his body can't help but react... He resists at first, but gradually succumbs and even comes back for more... As he becomes captive to this dangerous, new-found pleasure, how will his love life turn out?


Gonna Rock Your World Comic


"He betrayed me..." Hiroki and Atsushi were in a band together and dreamed of making a major debut. However, Hiroki left Atsushi and debuted on his own! Atsushi was so hurt, he pushed himself on Hiroki...! They haven't seen each other since then, but one day they're unexpectedly reunited. Can they overcome the jealousy, guilt, and betrayal that ripped them apart and make amends...? This is a rollercoaster romance about two guys who just can't be honest with their feelings...!


Love Experiment Report Comic

One day, Miyu learns that her boyfriend's been cheating, and that she's the "other girl" in the relationship. When she starts getting drunk out of anger at a college party, Taiyo takes care of her and she falls for him. But then, after Taiyo walks her back to her place and she invites him in for sex, he says, "You should take better care of yourself..."


My Captivating Roomie -Chained to You 24/7- Comic


One day, Izumi wakes up and finds himself in a strange room... and in handcuffs...! His captor? His college friend, Hashikura. It all started at a party, with a drinking game and a kiss. "I'm not letting you out of here until you fall in love with me." But the game never ended. When Izumi is caught trying to escape Hashikura's clutches, he's "punished"... What will happen to Izumi? Will he ever be free of his unpredictable, pleasurable bonds!?


An Untouched Man in an Uncovered World -Pounced on by a Beautiful Guy- Comic


To Tadayoshi, a 32-year-old who's never slept with anyone, everyone around him appears naked! Amidst his anguish, he one day meets an attractive client named Yuki, who asks him out for drinks. An intoxicated and stumbling Tadayoshi is taken back to Yuki's apartment where they end up getting closer... Tadayoshi finally gets to sleep with someone, but it doesn't go quite how he imagined it!


Go, Commando Detective! -Sir, My Crotch Is Suspicious!!- Comic

AuthorYuma Shobu

I'm Wazuki, a screwup detective. One day, after accidentally going to work without any underwear, I was somehow able to catch a criminal! Not only that, my superior, who's always acting like a drill sergeant, even got excited! Then, he starts squeezing me down there! What's going on!?


Slowly Falling for Him Comic

To Akane, Kai's a guy who lives in a different world, always surrounded by girls fawning over him. But, on a trip to a hot spring resort planned by Akane and her girlfriends, she and Kai suddenly get really friendly! After he kisses her as part of a party game, he adds, "Akane, you're cute." And even though she knows they could never end up together, for some reason her feelings for Kai just won't stop growing...


My Younger Boyfriend's an Ice Prince Comic


Shuya Sasaki's your average office worker, except his lover is the young actor and heartthrob Kyo Saito. Kyo's known to the world as a cool and suave "ice prince," but around his older boyfriend Shuya, he's so cute and innocent! Shuya feels superior, thinking he's the only one who knows the "true Kyo." That is, until the day Shuya's friend invites him to go drinking with some girls, and Kyo's personality does a 180...! Shuya's ultra-handsome younger boyfriend suddenly becomes a demon in bed! This is a heart-pounding, table-turning love story!


Warm Me up from the Inside Out Comic

AuthorShizuku uroco

As a member of the Discipline Committee, Yukiho has her hands full with bad-boy Hikaru Kajitani. One day, during after-school cleaning, they find themselves locked in the gym storage room together! As night falls, they are nearly overcome with the cold when Hikaru says, "I have an idea to keep us warm... Wanna try?" Heavy breathing... his flicking tongue... the heat from their bodies... This type of physical education isn't allowed at school...!!


You're My No. 1 Fan Comic


Jun feels indebted to his manager, Mr. Miyase, who recruited him as a model, but it's more than that. Jun works hard while hiding his love for his manager, but one day, Mr. Miyase tells Jun that it's time he moved on to manage someone else...

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