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Is That Kokeshi Doll an... Adult's Toy!? -The Pleasure of a Sadist Kyoto Boy- (Current ch. 4) Comic

Ayane, a college student in love with Kyoto, one day finds an unusual item in front of an antique shop. "What... is this?" From inside appears a handsome shopkeeper asking her about its use. Ayane, pretending she knows, answers that it's her favorite thing and she always uses it... What could it be...!?


One Waitress' Dilemma Comic


Mizuki starts her new job a live-in waitress on the most bizarre foot - the cafe's young, impudent owner suddenly jumps her while trying on her maid uniform! Still, she begins to find enjoyment in her job helping out the kind old barista - that is, until the barista suddenly collapses...!

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