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I'm Not a Kid Anymore! Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

Aoi loves her neighbor, the sexy businessman Kei, so much that she wants to sneak into his room at night! She's told him how she feels countless times since they were young, but Kei has always just treated her like a little kid. ...Hey, Kei, I'm already an A-D-U-L-T... Okay? What will make you understand how much I want to move on from this unrequited love!? It's girl VS. serious businessman in this romance series!! Who will win?


Melancholy Peach Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

Momoka's melancholy is from her heavily laden chest. She hates the boys who gather around her with only sex on their minds. But her current boyfriend taiyoh is kind and fresh....... Maybe he could accept my everything......? The chest of a girl in love is filled with secrets and excitement. Girls with so many worries... Their friends Miiko & Kentaro are two other couples involved in this complex love story. It's a fully-ripened-sweet comic!

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