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Blast from the Past... Who's Best in Bed? Comic


"My two childhood friends want to use my body to compete via a threesome!? My eyes are covered and I'm being held down as they start! They're licking me down below while pinching my nipples. I'm losing my mind......! They're talking dirty as I get more and more turned on...!"Judge which of our dicks feels better...First, get a taste of my cock..." Their hot, throbbing members take turns to enter me...... How can I judge them like this......!?


Bridal Training -The Master, The Secretary, and the Bride.- Comic

My clothes are torn, and I'm thrown to the ground. My breasts are fondled as something hard presses against my crotch... Imprisoned in a secluded, traditional Japanese house, what awaits me but depraved "sexual training" at the hands of my fiance, Masataka, and his secretary! "Let me go..." My privates are a soppy mess, and my moist body is taught the prurient ways of pleasure. The dark-eyed Masataka is only a shadow of the man I once knew... Forced to climax again and again, my unsoiled, innocent body is slowly developed by the lewd teachings of two men... Forced into a marriage of convenience, I have neither the right nor courage to fight... In a secluded, surreal space, my perverted, wet bridal training begins...


Secret Terms - Discipline at Dreamboat Cafe - Comic

"Oooh...!!! Sir, stooop...!!!" "You're drenched down here." I disguised myself as a man and got a part-time job at Dreamboat Cafe, all so I could work with my unrequited love, Shun. However, the owner of the cafe saw through my disguise and imposed his secret terms! Every day, both during work and after closing, I have no choice but to accept his sexual training, to let him stir me deep down there with his fingers. For some reason my love juices are overflowing... Shun's the one I love, so why? Shun, help meee...!!


The Lady Boss Charmed and Seduced by Her Male Secretary Comic

My secretary is a sadistic self-centered guy. At first, I had no idea what he was really like. With his gentle, sensual voice, he whispers intoxicating words into my ear as he performs deep pelvic thrusts that send sweet erotic shivers throughout my body... I'm a workaholic manager who has her own personal secretary, Himuro. He's younger than me, but is someone I can trust. Despite that, I feel he's constantly evaluating me as a manager so I cannot allow myself to show him any sign of weakness. Then, one day, at this bar I stopped by after attending my friend's wedding, this suspicious guy gets all chatty and slips me a date rape drug......

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