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This Night's Everything Comic

Nanao is a bodyguard who couldn't care less about the ins and outs of his daily routine... But when he's put in charge of training the eye-catching (and very young) new recruit Aoi, his sarcastic jabs are challenged by the cool precision of Aoi's commitment to the job... Will these two very different men become partners in work.........and play? This Night's Everything pairs a beautiful orphan with a jaded assassin in the name of protecting a powerful public figure......... but it's the duo's private exploits that steal the spotlight! Can an old hand teach a trainee a few new tricks? Or will the truth about a shocking betrayal change the fates of both men forever?


No Touching At All Comic

AuthorKou Yoneda

On his very first day at a brand-new job, shy Shima is trapped in the elevator with a hungover mess of a guy......... Who turns out to be his boss! Togawa's prickly exterior definitely puts the rookie recruit on-edge, but it doesn't take long before Shima's every waking thought is invaded by his overbearing yet totally thoughtful superior... Will Shima put aside a history of disappointment in order to take a chance on a complecated relationship? No Touching At All breaks every rule in the office handbook in the name of mixed signals, shared memories, and the sweet surrender of an after-hours liaison! Shima and Togawa butt heads both at work and in the bedroom... but their inexplicable chemistry is far too intense to ignore... Can these two men forget their painful pasts and move forward hand-in-hand?


Warning! Whispers of Love Comic

Hajime can't wait to make the scene at his high school......... but his dreams of coolness are soon dashed by the appearance of the weird and wily Nagura! A third-year elite student with a serious thing for perfect ears, Nagura will stop at nothing 'til he's swabbed Hajime to his heart's content! How long can this pair of almost friends keep their cat-and-mouse game going? Warning! Whispers of Love tickes your senses with astrange and sweet tale of bold obsession, braving obstacles......... and plenty of surprise crushes! Two cute guys give their all in a playful tug-of-war where no one's sure who's calling the shots... Which one will get everything he desires......... before the final school bell rings?


Tonight's Take-Out Night Comic

When handsome but reserved executive Kei visits his company's most successful location to work with the hotshot manager Shinji, he has no idea that all of his perfect plans are about to go out the window! Can a buttoned-up professional hope to fend off a rogue romantic's aggressive advances......... or is the heat of playful passion too enticing to ignore? Tonight's Take-out Night features a feast of beautiful men fumbling and fighting as they do their best to resist true love! Will a shy fast-food executive finally tame a passionate (and persistent) employee? And what happens when a budding artist is more than inspired by his mysterious mentor? In the end, these couples can't help but sink their teeth into sweet, savory temptation!


Unsophisticated and Rude Comic

Hiroto and his best friend Satoshi have been inseparable ever since they were little boys... But what's Hiroto supposed to do when Satoshi tells him that he's got a serious crush on a gorgeous (and popular) upperclassman named Nao? Hiroto wants his buddy to land the man of his dreams, of course......... but there's a brand-new feeling tugging at Hiroto's heartstrings... Can this lifelong friendship weather the stormy waters of first love? Unsophisticated and Rude reveals that boys have it just as rough as girls when it comes to sneaky flirtation, passionate confessions and getting the one you love to love you back! In these short, sweet tales of friendship and heartache, a cast of beautiful men must decide when to let their true feelings shine through......... and when to take the plunge into physical bliss! Sometimes, you have to risk everything to keep the perfect lover by your side...


Shameful Body Comic

Yoshie is an extremely cheerful high schooler. He regularly visits the chiropractic run by the father of his friend mikawa. Mikawa is quiet and emotionless, but popular with the girls. Rumor has it that he tells girls he'll teach them about chiropractics, then drags them into his room... Because of that, Yoshie didn't really like Mikawa all that much, until one day, he ends up getting a massage from Mikawa! And right after the massage starts, he says "I want to tease you a little!" This is a slightly dangerous youth love story!


Touch Blue Comic

AuthorAoi Kujyo

After his mother remarries, Junya finds himself with a younger stepbrother in high school. While his parents are on their honeymoon, his new younger brother Kyouichi comes to live with him in the same house. Kyouichi was nice to Junya when he had his heart broken. He's a good, straight-laced student, and Junya wishes Kyouichi would depend on him more, while his feelings for Kyouichi also grow. Then, one day, Kyouichi suddenly kisses Junya!


These Are The Hungry Comic

On a hot, hot summer day, Seitozaki starts to feel under the weather and finds himself unable to move. Then, an older student from the same school named Itoshima comes and looks after him. Itoshima quit playing baseball after hurting his hip. Seitozaki can't stop thinking about him. His body starts tingling and feels dizzy... What is this feeling?


Rose And Savage Comic

In middle school, Yasukuni falls in love with Tomokazu, a transfer student who dreams of becoming an illustrator. Tomokazu is reserved and shy, and Yasukuni can't leave him alone. And so, without ever knowing their first love, the two are suddenly pulled apart. Seven years later, Yasukuni enters an art college and reunites with Tomokazu. But Tomokazu's reaction betrays his expectations...


The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe Comic Popular

A transfer student enters the class of Kousuke, a second-year in high school. Raku is tall and good-looking, the exact opposite of the shrimpy Kousuke, and very popular with the girls. Kousuke was jealous of Raku at first, until Raku comes clean about a certain secret, and asks Kousuke not to tell anyone. Ever since then, Raku seems to have taken a liking to Kousuke, and all of a sudden, they become really close! This is a high-school romantic-comedy about a mismatched pair!


The Reason Why He loves him so much Comic

"When I enter a certain cafe with a friend, he is in there: Hanawa, someone who looks just like Yuugo, my childhood friend who I've always loved. But I won't fall in love with him. I can't..." That's how the high schooler Nozomi Toono feels, but with just one kiss, his heart betrays him...


Tweeting Love Birds (Current ch. 2) Comic

After his beloved grandfather passes away, college freshman Daisuke Ohtaka heads off to begin his college life a few days later than planned. He only got into Torioka University thanks to his grandfather, and now he's lost all his motivation. Then, when he reaches the station, he sees the tiny baseball club leader named Suzume Morino holding up a card with his name on it. His nickname is 'Tweetie!' After getting half-forced into the baseball club, he also has to live under the same roof as Tweetie. The devilish Tweetie has got some big things planned!!


Son Of The Mimura Family [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

The second son of a rural man of property, Kyuu, has been best friends with Toshio since childhood. As Toshio grows up, he secretly falls in love with Kyuu. One day, Kyuu's older brother Sumi, who had run away from home, coincidentally comes in contact with Toshio. Then, Sumi invites him to deepen their relationship! This is the "Son of the Mimura Family" series, which depicts adolescence wavering in the rift between friendship and love.


Sunday's Child Comic

AuthorKita Konno

Eric is a young butler who inherited the position from his father. He's also the lover of Roland, the leader of the Durham family. There is an extreme gap in status between them... The title piece contains a love story about upper class and lower class, master and servant. It is followed by someone who struggles to live in the forest and survive in a harsh natural environment, a secret between a student and someone who was once a teacher, and a story about secret time that girls share together. This is an anthology of masterpieces from Kita Konno!


Tired Of Waiting For Love Comic

"Sleep with me. Just once is enough. It'll be something good for you to remember." One rainy night, Kyousuke Sawaragi picks up Shunya Kasuga, who he once saved along with a stray cat. From that day forward, the three of them start living together. Shunya can't trust other people, and tries to develop their relationship by sleeping with Sawaragi, but Sawaragi rejects "doing it" without trust or love.Slowly, their relationship begins to change. Then, one day, Shunya disappears!


Invisible Stars Comic

Hikita was hit on by Imai, an older member of his baseball team who he's always respected and looked up to. After practice, they start kissing each other, deepening their love, but then... This is the continuation of Silent Voice!


The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers Comic

Takano Yazaki becomes smitten with Sansui Murase, a business partner and lover to the leader of a gang. Sansui possesses a bewitching charm, and is known for seducing men. Feeling powerfully drawn to Sansui, Yazaki vows to serve Sansui as his loyal dog... Even knowing that another man has a monopoly on Sansui's heart. Several years pass... One day, Sansui is sniped by someone. Yazaki manages to serve as his shield, but... then Sasagawa, a member of a gang crime countermeasure force, and Honnou, a fixer of the political world, appear: The hatred and love of men with scars from the past begins to intertwine...


A Night of a Thousand Nights (Current ch. 2) Comic

Sora, who was raised by a strict father, has a precious older childhood friend named Tetsuya who lives in the house next to him. Tetsuya was always by his side, through good days and bad. As Sora grows up, their time together begins to change. And when Sora starts focusing on Tetsuya, Tetsuya realizes his desire for Sora... "I'm going to protect Sora. That's what I promised, but..." It's a bittersweet love story!


Want to Depend on You Comic

"Was I just a replacement from the beginning?" On the night of his father's funeral, a college student named Yamato meets a man who leaves a big impression on him. He doesn't give his name, but leaves behind some words that stick in Yamato's mind. "Are you his son? You look much like him." Several days later, much to his surprise, Yamato meets the man again, and beneath the moonlight, their love secretly begins...


The Color of the Clear Blue Sky Comic

Sakae Sugiura wants to become a teacher, and finally gets assigned to an elementary school. There, Sakae reunites with Ryuuji Fukada, who was his teacher when he was a student there. Sakae always looked up to Fukada, who acted like a life-support for him at times. Their meeting again surprises Sakae, and he feels hesitant due to how much Fukada seems to have changed. But then, his feelings toward Fukada gradually change...

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