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A Wolf in Boy's Clothing Comic

A boy Hinako Miyashita can't forget about suddenly appears: her younger brother's best friend, Kaname! She jokingly flirts with him, which somehow escalates into Kaname punishing her (in a sexy way)! This volume features not only a story about a charming, excitable young man, but also two other comics: one about a secret love affair with an idol; and another, which is an epic, moving tale of love that spans over one hundred pages! It's a compilation loaded with fresh stories that'll capture your heart.


From the Beast,with Love Comic

The heroine,Akari Uzuki,can't forget her first love,Shirou,a childhood friend she's liked since elementary school. Shirou is a macho bad boy who grew a lot during junior high and high school getting cooler and cooler,until he ended up on the girls' radar. Unlike him,Akari remained a plain,shy girl. She concluded Shirou and her are not meant to be,and steadily began to avoid him. However,one day Shirou baffles Akari by proposing her to be fake lovers. In order to catch the rabbit,the beast devises the sweetest trap.


Little Cafe - Look My Way, Master! - Comic

After her boyfriend broke up with her on a Christmas Eve,Kurumi Masutani stumbled upon a cafe managed by five handsome brothers. She soon becomes a regular customer after Masaru Iwabuchi,the cafe's gentle coffee expert,consoles her about what happened. She falls in love with him and decides to start working at the cafe as a waitress. She spends her days serving coffee and enduring the presence of Masaru's fangirls who come to the popular cafe just to see him. When she finally gets fed up with all the attention he receives,her ex-boyfriend comes to see her and suggests they should get back together... This volume consists of five sweet love stories featuring five different guys: a coffee expert,a pastry chef,a waiter,a chef and the cafe's owner.


In Love with My Slave Comic

Bad boy Itta-chan confesses (!?) his feelings for the guileless Riri,and makes her his slave. But his "meanness" is really kind and feels good... Riri is happy just having him rub her head. Riri wants to be part of a regular couple with Itta-chan,so she informs him that she's quitting as his slave. But Itta-chan misunderstands,and thinks she wants to leave him...!? As well as the shocking title story,there are 7 stories in all in this first comic of the popular Riri and Itta series. This is the one fans have been waiting for!!

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