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Honey-Colored Bambino Comic

"Ren, I think it's about time we do it." Ren, the butler, and Kotone, the young lady of the house, have promised themselves to each other. But that promise was made when they were kids, and Ren is 20 years old now. Kotone comes on to him everyday, but Ren remains the consummate butler and won't give in to her desires. Suddenly, Kotone is presented with an engagement offer to the young president of a major corporation. Kotone begs Ren to put a stop to it, but he...... He might lose her because he wants what's best for her. What will become of their love?

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The Demon's Kiss Under the Full Moon Comic

Mei Miyama, a second-year student at Saint Anemone Private Academy, is forced to clean the school church as punishment for being late, when she stumbles upon a secret room. She opens up the large coffin inside, and out emerges Aldi Alto. He looks just like a vampire with his red eyes and white hair. From that day forward he claims Mei as his bride and won't leave her alone! This is a heart-racing love story about a demon and an average high-school girl!!


Driven Crazy by a Pair of Knights Comic

Shogo and Takeru are both brothers from Shiori's neighborhood, and her knights in shining armor. They've always protected her and treated her like a princess... But once Shogo asks her out, their entire relationship gets awkward. Sho feels guilty for stealing Shiori for himself, and it's excruciating for Takeru to play the role of the boyfriend's kid brother. After noticing the subtle changes in the boys' behavior, Shiori becomes insecure and decides to become a proper "girlfriend" by finally getting over her fear of sex. "I want to have sex with you," Shiori says over the phone. What does the man on the other end of the line want her to do...?


The King's Pet Comic Hot

Chiho Hayasaka accidently stumbles into and ends up aggravating "The King" - aka Akito, son of the great Haijima family corporation. He immediately makes her his servant. But unable to stand his despotic ways, Chiho decides to flee from his mansion. Her rebellious streak only makes Akito like her even more - "It's more exciting when you resist." He then declares that he's going to enjoy himself until she finally decides to do as he says!! Will Chiho ever escape her enslavement to this vain, self-centered man......!?


The Changing Seasons... Comic

AuthorRion Yuuki

Atsuya Hashimoto, Yukiji Minafuji's crush from high school, went to Tokyo for college, but then he stopped going to class all of a sudden and disappeared without saying a word. Yukiji dreams of seeing him again so she can do what she was unable to on the day of his graduation, and finally tell him how she feels. She takes up a part-time job near his college, and begins her search for him. This manga is loaded with hot-and-cold guys who prefer to convey their feelings with their bodies rather than words. As well as the titular story about a girl chasing her high-school crush, this volume contains five stories about stubborn girls with their minds set on love.


A Kiss for the Prince Comic

AuthorErio Hori

When Mari Miyamae runs away from an arranged marriage she doesn't want to be a part of, she is saved by a young, dark-skinned foreign man staying on the top-floor suite of their hotel. What will become of their sweet and dirty love that started from such a chance encounter......!? In addition to the cover story of a dramatic love with a foreign man, this collection also contains five other exquisite erotic love stories that are sure to make your heart and body throb.


An Intimate Relationship Wet with Love Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Shiho is sold off to Yoshiwara by her aunt and cousins after her uncle, Lord Takie, dies. However, before seeing any clients, she is again sold to be a concubine. The man who purchases her is Count Iori Yuuki, a man with a sharp eye. When Shiho questions why a man she's never met before would take her in, he refuses to answer and then begins to ravish her body. During her stay with the Count, Shiho experiences his awkward kindness and grows a strong desire to comfort his lonely heart...... In addition to the cover story, this book also contains dramatic and erotic stories, including a forbidden romance between a teacher and her student, and a love/hate relationship featuring twin sisters and the man they love.


More Obscene and Purer Than a Kiss Comic

After having her heart broken, Erika walks home drunk only to lose her keys. She is helped by her neighbor, Shuuhei, a college student. The time she spends with him is comforting, which is exactly why she doesn't want to ruin it...... Witness pure love and sex between an older office worker and a young guy! This book also includes a side story of innocent love and sex between a research-focused associate professor and his sometimes warm, sometimes cold, assistant who's gorgeous!


Snatched Away from the Wedding Aisle Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

What fate awaits the bride who was taken away from her wedding...!? Due to her brother's debt, Sonoka Yoshimizu has to marry an older man, but at her wedding, she's taken away by a mysterious foreigner. Unloved by her family, Sonoka had just been going along with what people told her to do, but after her meeting with the green-eyed thief, her life is flipped upside down...! Along with this dramatic love story about a fateful meeting, this volume also contains the sequel to the "A SYMPHONY OF LOVE AND SIN" series, "A CAPRICE OF LOVE AND SIN". It depicts the story of forbidden love between two men and one woman, who are bound by an old family tradition: When the successor to the family has a brother, the two brothers will have to share one bride...



Wait for Me in Paradise Comic

Yuri was supposed to go on a luxury vacation with her older boyfriend to the tropical island of Hawaii. But after saying he'll catch up with her, he never shows up, leaving her all alone in a foreign land. Who should show up and help, but a local guide named Chester. He's good-looking, and a little eccentric, which cheers Yuri up. She begins to have feelings for Chester, and wants to stay with him rather than go back to Japan. However......


Hands Off My Pussycat Comic

One day, Neneko Fukuzawa, who's had an easy upbringing, meets Arashi, the baddest boy in town. Observing how Neneko has absolutely no fear of Arashi, who's known as the "Invincible Devil," Tsubaki, Arashi's friend, half-jokingly gets the two to go on a date. However, just when Neneko starts to feel attracted to Arashi, he suddenly begins to treat her coldly...... "If you join my plan, we might find out how Arashi truly feels about you." Despite her reservations, Neneko agrees to take part in a "dangerous trap" cooked up by Tsubaki......!!


A Symphony of Love and Sin Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Yui Konoma goes to her fiance Kazuki Sakuranagi's house to prepare to be housewife. Kazuki can't be there because he's away for business, so instead, his younger brother Hiroki looks after her. He picks Yui up when she's feeling down about living in such a huge mansion with a family who has countless rules and traditions. She falls for him, and he feels the same. Then, on a stormy night, they finally cross a line... This series portrays love between two men and one woman, bound together by passion.


Loose Love Comic

"I won't fall in love ever again..." Natsumi Itou gave up on love and swore to never trust anybody after having her boyfriend stolen away by a friend. But one day her colleague Shou Hidaka, who graduated from the same university as Natsumi, suddenly asks her out when they are alone in the office working overtime. On top of that, her boss Mr. Okazaki witnesses this, and tells her to "rely" on him... Being hurt, unable to face one's own feelings, making trivial mistakes... Love is always thrilling and exciting. This collection of short stories is filled with pleasure and emotion!! It also contains a special original story.


Afterschool Juliet Comic

Hana Yamada is a high school girl. Her boyfriend is the mean Mr. Kido, her school doctor... Hana can't tell anyone that she's dating him, but nonetheless, she's totally happy. Cracks in their relationship begin to appear when another girl starts hitting on Mr. Kido, who insists on keeping his past a secret... During this troubled time, a man that looks identical to Mr. Kido proclaims his love for Hana and steals a kiss from her. A daring story about the secret love between a student and a teacher. It includes a special extra chapter "Morning Star and the Sun's Dream".


A Gentleman or a Beast Comic Hot

My sweetheart is a hunky public servant who wears glasses. He's gentle and mature, but once his buttons are pressed he can turn into a real animal! A collection of six terrific love stories featuring a hair stylist, researcher, and a businessman, full of the true desires of boyfriends who can sometimes have a bit of a sadistic touch.


Ecstasy Brothers Comic Hot

AuthorJun Nanase

It's been a year since Akina began dating Naoki. He's a terrific guy but there's only one problem: they've never been successful in bed. One day, the door to Naoki's room hasn't been closed properly, and his brother, Tomoki, sees them in yet another failed attempt. From that day on, Tomoki starts giving Akina lessons in sex. A collection of red-hot passion that includes titillating stories based on true ones from readers, which include a case of mistaken identity (sex with their boyfriend's twin brother!), a passionate date between two couples on an overnight trip to a spa, and more.


Fragments of Eternity Comic

"I met you in summer. I fell in love with you in summer..." After transferring schools, I became friends with two boys. I was hoping the three of us would be together forever... But now my tears won't stop flowing. A heart-wrenching love story!!


Jekyll and Hyde Boyfriend Comic

I'm Sachi Asahina, 17 years old. I'm concerned about my boyfriend, Yuki Saeki, who is way too stuffy. We've been dating for three months and he hasn't even kissed me yet... But one day a trendy-looking Yuki suddenly appeared at school. Seeing how surprised I was, he told me that he was Mizuki, the other personality within Yuki. My secret is that my boyfriend has a split personality!!


Watery Blue Love Comic

Yuuko Kitahara is engaged to her boyfriend Kei Irie, a kind-natured salaryman. One day, university student and up-and-coming painter Aoi arrives at Yuuko's small country town. Yuuko, enchanted by one of Aoi's paintings, soon develops strong, passionate feelings toward Aoi. While Yuuko struggles with conflicted feelings, Kei announces his job transfer to Tokyo, and Aoi says he's going to study abroad in Paris...! Enjoy this lengthy tale of love and lust, drowning in tenderness and passion, and other stories in this latest comic compilation!!


Twin Attack Comic

Tina has two childhood friends. They are twin brothers: the gentle and talented Kouichi and the mischievous and sporty Shouji. She cherishes the time they spend together, but one day, they both suddenly ask her out......! Besides this series, based on the story by Satoko Satsuki, which sketches the ultimate love triangle, this volume also contains a long one-shot featuring the forbidden love between a teacher and his student, who's got nothing but love on her mind!

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