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Punishment for the Shoplifting Cinderella [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

"Ma'am, come with me a moment..." They caught me shoplifting! I escaped poverty and was finally enjoying a comfortable marriage. Will I lose everything from shoplifting on a whim!? The heroine, Aiko, is in despair...... but the incredibly handsome shop owner just grins and says, "you are my slave from now on!!" She's wet before she knows it from his powerful, dark, erotic love.


My Boss & Our Wild Studio Apartment!? -Living Together in Total Secrecy- [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic

"Ah......! No...... If you touch me there......" One morning, I wake up and my boss is in my bed...! The dorky, late-blooming businesswoman Chiyuki is always looked down upon by her colleagues. But she has a secret... While all the other women are pining after the boss, she gets him all to herself at home! He may be a hard-ass in the office, but he smiles sweetly and shows his soft side in front of Chiyuki. She can't stop the frantic pounding of her heart whenever he holds her tight......! This is the beginning of an ugly duckling's sexy and thrilling new life!

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