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My Master Is a Wolfish Doctor [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Yuuri Kirihara is a healthy high school boy who works in drag at a maid cafe managed by his sister, and he has a crush on one of his co-workers. One day, a mysterious, handsome man comes to the cafe and gets a little too close, but he turns out to be... the school doctor! Doc always seemed so nice, but now he's ready to use Yuuri's secret job at the maid cafe to blackmail him into an escalating spiral of sadistic desire!! "I'm straight, so why am I enjoying this so much...!?"


Puppy Love (Current ch. 2) Comic


Nobuteru Okamoto, one of the new hires at Yuki's company, has been extremely friendly with her lately. One morning, Yuki suddenly finds herself waking up in an unfamiliar room... Nobuteru's room! What happened at the party last night...? She's so hungover she can't remember a thing! But the fact that she's naked, in his bed, must mean something...! While Yuki is torn with confusion, Nobuteru makes his move...


Soaking Wet Water Sports -Sexual Affairs of Adolescent Boys- Comic


"I didn't think you had the guts to come to school without underwear when you have P.E. class." Kotaro and Daisuke are always ready to get it on! They come to school without underwear and make out in the P.E. storeroom! Kotaro pretends to be hesitant at first, but he does anything Daisuke tells him to do, no matter how naughty it sounds. Enjoy the adventures of two silly boys who are head over heels for each other!

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