What is "Renta!"?

Why Use "Renta!"?

Renta! is The Official Romance-manga Site. We provide a ton of exclusive Manga which are perfect for those of you who are in love, dream of romance or simply love reading passionate stories. You can enjoy an abundance of officially-translated romance manga. And you can read all sorts of love stories that will stimulate your senses and suit your tastes.

Read manga on any device

Renta! is a digital-manga streaming store. Why is streaming good?
-Because you can read manga anywhere, anytime, on any device.

To read your chosen manga, whether on PC, smart phone or tablet, all you need to do is
click the "Read" button.

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Payment Systems

You can rent or purchase comics on Renta! using points. You can buy points, which are then added to your account. They can be bought in sets of 1000, 3000, 5000 and 10000. If you choose to buy a large number of points, you will get some free. With 3000 you get 200 extra, with 5000 you get 400 extra, and with 10000 you get 900 extra.

You can choose your rental period

You can choose between 48-hour or unlimited rental.
You can also initially choose to rent for 48 hours, and Upgrade to Unlimited during the rental period if you decide you want to keep the title.

New manga available daily

New manga releases and sales updates will be reflected on the website every day.
Large sales and special events will be announced every Wednesday. Don’t miss out on all the exciting things Renta! offers every week!
Every week, we update the comics that we are recommending to our readers for free!

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How to read manga

Manga is read from the top right-hand panel to the left, and then downwards, continuing from the right to the left.
Please follow the order like in the example picture below.

How to read manga

Using the Viewer

You can change the scroll direction and choose either higher image quality or faster loading speed on the smartphone viewer.

Using the Viewer