What is "Renta!"?

  1. Why Use "Renta!"?
  2. Just one click to read manga
  3. Choice of two payment systems
  4. You can choose your rental period
  5. New manga available weekly

Why Use "Renta!"?

Renta! is The Official Romance-manga Site. We provide a ton of exclusive Manga which are perfect for those of you who are in love, dream of romance or simply love reading passionate stories. You can enjoy an abundance of officially-translated romance manga. And you can read all sorts of love stories that will stimulate your senses and suit your tastes.

Just one click to read manga

Renta! is a digital-manga streaming store. Why is streaming good?

  1. No need to download
  2. It only takes one click to read manga
  3. You can read manga on a number of different devices

To read your chosen manga, whether on PC, smart phone or tablet, all you need to do is
click the "Read" button.

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Choice of two payment systems

There are two ways to buy manga on Renta!. The first is to use the "USE CASH" button to pay for your rentals on the spot. Just click on the button, which you can find on the product page for all our manga, input/confirm your payment details, and read your chosen manga.

The second way is to use our ticket system. You can buy tickets, which are then added to your account. They can be bought in sets of 10, 30, 50 and 100. If you choose to buy a large number of tickets, you will get some free. With 30 you get two extra, with 50 you get four extra, and with 100 you get nine extra.

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You can choose your rental period

You can choose between 48-hour or unlimited rental.
You can also initially choose to rent for 48 hours, then upgrade to unlimited afterwards.

New manga available weekly

We update our site every Wednesday with a whole variety of content.
So you can enjoy reading new manga every week!!

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