Renta! Services

Thanks for using Renta! Below is a list of our services. Let’s use them together, start earning points, and read lots of manga!

Premium Membership

The Premium Member rank is earned upon spending over 10,000 points ($100 USD) on manga, novels, or verticomix within any consecutive three-month period.

Premium Membership will receive 2% of their spending back as points.

For example, if you buy a manga that costs 800 points ($8), you will receive:

800 Points × 2% = 16 Bonus Points

Regular Members: 800 Points × 1% = 8 Bonus Points

* Once you become the Premium Member, you cannot lose this rank.
* Premium bonus points may not be available for some items and during certain campaigns.
* There are no additional charges associated with becoming the Premium Member.

In order to check your current rank and total spending, please go to "my page."

Gift Codes

Sometimes we will give you free points as part of a campaign. These will usually come in the form of "gift codes" which can be used by putting a code into the gift code page. The gift code page can be accessed by clicking "Gift Code" in the top-right corner.

Ways to receive a Gift Code

  • Distribution through a special campaign
  • A Gift For You! Newsletter:100 pt Gift Code

    After three months of consecutive purchases of $10.00 or more, and with a combined total of money spent equaling or exceeding $100.00, a newsletter will be sent to the user with a 100 point gift code. If these conditions are not met, the user will become ineligible to receive the gift code.
    *This is different from the Premium Member service.

Renta! Missions

Clear missions and get points!
Use points you've earned in Renta! Missions to purchase or rent manga.

There are various kinds of Renta! Missions ranging from easy to complete to difficult to complete. (The harder the mission, the greater the points.)
You might have already completed one of the easier Missions! Let’s go check on the Mission page!

Premium Wednesday

Every Wednesday is a Premium Wednesday!
Buy 1,000 pts to get a 10% discount. 1,000 pts for just $9!

Visit Points

You can receive 1 free point a day by visiting Renta!
Be sure to check your Point History to receive them.
If there is an exclamation mark (!) in the upper right corner of the menu, that is a sign that you haven’t received the point yet.
Let’s be careful not to pass these points up!

* The reset time for the daily visit points is 9P.M. JST.
What do we mean by "reset time"?
For example, when you log-in on September 8 and receive your visit points for that day, if you log-in again after 9P.M. JST on September 8, you can receive next day's visit points.

Go to Point History