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What do you look for in manga?
Gorgeous artworks?
Interesting stories?
These titles have both!

Dramatic Stories

Getting bored of your daily routine? Try these stories full of spice! You might even get new ideas to add some color to your own life, too!

Love in Restaurants

They say that the way into someone's heart is through their stomach. These are some delicious love stories served with amazing culinary themes!

The 4-H Heroes

Here we have heroes who are tall (H1), handsome (H2), highly educated (H3) and with high income (H4). But they still have to struggle to find real happiness!

Security of Love

Nothing puts an anxious heart more at ease than the prospect of being enveloped in masculine arms and held tight against a broad chest.

Love under Special Conditions

Even the most careful strategist can't plan a relationship. Immerse yourself in these stories featuring a love that was planned out, then got derailed only to reach a happy ending.

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