Renta! - Harlequin Christmas Manga: Perfect for Christmas

Perfect For Christmas

We have some Xmas-themed Harlequin manga to get you in a romantic mood for the holidays!
The Twelve Nights of Christmas

A few days away from Christmas. Evie, evicted from her home, falls asleep in a suite at the hotel she works at as a cleaner. Her boss told her she could use the room as a special treat. At dawn, she awakes to the feeling of sweet lips, and sees an extremely sexy man before her eyes. Just then, a camera flash goes off, and a paparazzo runs away. What just happened? When she takes a good look at the still-upset man, he turns out to be the hotel's owner, Rio. He is worried about the trap, and asks several things of Evie. Then he declares, ''I will announce my engagement to you.''

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High-Powered, Hot-Blooded

Annie is a kindergarten teacher who gets the shock of her life when Duncan, the famous entrepreneur who all the newspapers have labeled ''Meanest CEO in the Country,'' tells her that her little brother embezzled money from his company! He says that if he can't get his money back he's going to take her house and throw her brother in jail. Annie's in such deep shock that when he proposes an alternative that will forgive her of her debts, she takes him up on his offer. All she has to do is help him change his stone-cold image by pretending to be his girlfriend for the month leading up to Christmas. They both live in such completely different worlds, such a thing shouldn't even be possible...or so she thought!

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Ava was in a car accident on Christmas Day and lost her best friend. She was accused of being responsible for the crash despite her lost memory of that confusing night. After serving years of prison time, she freezes up in shock in the conference room of her new workplace. The man who controls the place is Vito, whom Ava used to admire. Vito is also the brother of her late best friend. Ava assumes he must hate her so much that he would want to kill her, not work with her. But he steals a kiss from her and asks her to plan this year's Christmas party. What is he thinking?

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Maddie invites her fiance and his family over for Christmas dinner, but she's hiding a terrible secret from him... She can't cook to save her life! Maddie decides she has to do something to prepare, so she signs up for classes with Joe Milano, a world-class chef. But it turns out that Joe is a playboy to the core and tries to seduce Maddie every chance he gets! Will Maddie be able to resist this delectable chef?

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Golden hair and blue eyes. He is like a guardian angel who has slipped away from the sanctuary of a church. The moment orphanage director Chloe sees Egan, who has come to do repair work on the facility, her heart begins to stir. However, her lack of faith in love and hope, caused by her sad upbringing, keep her heart in check. With Christmas approaching, Egan offers to play Santa Claus for the children. When Chloe vehemently refuses his offer, he tells Chloe he will make all her wishes come true. He makes one miracle occur after another, but what about a miracle for her?

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Toy-store owner Steph is super excited about Christmas. She has gathered a ton of presents and is headed toward her parents' house when suddenly, she gets lost in a blizzard. The one to come to her aide is Damian, the owner of a luxurious lodge. Unlike Steph, he hates Christmas and is not a very happy person, but can Steph change all that?

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Christmas Eve. As she does every year, Jo is spending the evening working in her family's store when suddenly a car screeches to a halt and a gorgeous man appears, looking for a present for a little girl. This proves to be too tall an order for a general store in the countryside of Australia, but Jo has a solution for the disappointed man. She finds a stuffed animal she'd been saving for her sister. Normal life resumes after she watches him drive off, smiling and with a gift in hand...until she finds him at her house later that day. He says he has a favor to ask of her...

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Their Christmas Wish Come True

Thirty-nine days until Christmas... A man knocks on the door of the Secret Santa Association, where Kirsten works. Looking somewhat sad, with eyes filled with pain, he says he's there to help. But judging from his looks, he doesn't seem the type to volunteer. She sends him away, saying, ''All we need is fifty children's jackets. There's nothing else you could do right now.'' And he returns with the jackets shortly after. Who is he? Did God send me a handsome and compassionate man?

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