The promise still shines brightly inside of me...

Don't cry, Ren. I'll be your family.
Both of Ren's parents died and Ren was taken in by his grandfather, who worked as our butler.
Let's promise. Okay?
I promise...

12 years later

You never make a move on me. Of course I don't! You're the daughter of the wealty Ichijo family and I'm just a butler!
Do you have any intention of responding to Kotone's feeling? I ...can't do that.
Ren... must've forgotten all about our promise...
Hello, Kotone. My name is Norihiko Tsuji.
Mr. Tsuji is the president of the software company. Dad!?
Ren! Tell him to keep his handes off your woman!

Why didn't he stop us!?

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