Mature Romance Cover Museum

We fully understand wanting to jump straight into a title you've just bought, but this time, we've put together a bunch of gorgeous covers that are simply too good to ignore.
We hope you enjoy reading these titles as much as we've enjoyed exhibiting their beautiful covers♥

Over-Cumming Writer's Block

(Oshiete Kudasai Fujishima-San)

Awaji Nae

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My Sneaky Childhood Friend Won't Let Me Get Away

(Kuroneko Osananajimi ga Nigashitekurenai)

Tomomitsu Yamamoto

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Asking God for a Hubby

(Kami-Danomi Kon-Katsu)


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Gobbled Up By The Beast Spirit

(Yojusamano Gochisochan)

Susugu Arai

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Let Me Hear Manako's Voice Again

(Purizu Ripito Raburi Boisu)


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