Four Base Love Special

Introducing couples' sweetest scenes, from different stages of love!
Let's have a peak at when they decide to crank things up a notch!

First Base-Kissing-

The Wild Beast in His Suit...

Miyuki, a woman invested in her career, has a secret: she used to be the leader of a local gang group. She kept that fact swept away, but Hiroyuki, the dullest guy from work, somehow figures it out!

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If It's Love, Don't Fight It -At Night, This Perfect Gentleman Turns Wicked-

Mika isn't accustomed to romance, but then she meets the handsome cafe manager, Kyosuke. It's love at first sight, and she's been chasing after him ever since... Every day, he's curt and unrelentingly cold towards her.

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Hey Miss... Turn Me Into An Adult -Being Threatened by My Indecent Student-

Laughing as he holds her down is the mischievous little brother of someone she looks up to...

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Second Base-Above the Waist-

Exquisite Butlers of the Submissive Bus Tour -Princess, It's Time for Your Punishment-

A friend has invited me to go on a tour bus where handsome butlers cater to your every need! If you like handsome men then this is the bus tour for you!

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When a Porn Actress and Actor Live Together...

Azusa Hiragi and Daichi Tateishi both work in the porn industry. They share a small, fleeting romance, but it is cut short by the coldness of reality.......

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Bondage Addiction -The Pet Girl's Imprisonment-

"Miss Mio. Just look at how wet you are." It's a sweet but painful sex prison and Mio cannot escape Masaomi's warped idea of love...

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Don't Expose My Dark Past! -An Elite Businessman and a Former Idol-

The story of Miyu Tachibana, a former idol (now an office worker), and Reiji Shiga, a super elite businessman (with a potentially dark past).

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Third Base-Below the Waist-

My Teacher is My Indecent Fiance!? -No! Don't Look There...-

Due to sudden family matters, Riko must choose one of two of her teachers to become her new fiance.

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Undercover Night Visits -An Apartment Full of Handsome Beasts-

Ritsu suddenly has to cover the position of a janitor at a small apartment. Her neighbor is extremely handsome! On top of that, he's completely merciless!

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The Switch: Me And The Boss I Used To Bully -With The Touch Of My Hands Let Me Hear Your Naughty Cries...!-

Will Rinko be able to manage his vengeance...!? The boy she used to bully is now her boss, and he has a great thirst for revenge. What will happen to Rinko...!?

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The Way Kizuki Loves Me Is Totally Wrong -He Kisses Me, Touches Me, Then Worships Me!?-

She's the femme fatale he's been looking for! This super hot and handsome stalker worships Momoko so much that she's drowning in his love!

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Home Run-Sex-

Love Game with a Novelist -Can Friends with Benefits Ever Become More?-

Heartbroken, alone, and soaking wet, I'm rescued by Takumi, a starving novelist. We head back to his fancy home where he offers to lend an ear, a shoulder, and something more! Can we really be friends with benefits?

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Love Pours out Behind Locked Doors -A Confined Body Will Tell the Truth-

Even though it happened unexpectedly, Aimi slept with her younger co-worker, Shunya, of all people. He also happens to be her rival from Sales! Did their relationship start on a whim, or is there more to it...?

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One-sided Love Triangle

English teacher Riko and school nurse Kyousuke have been living together as a couple for about a year. When Kyousuke's cousin moves in with them, Riko gets the surprise of her life...

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Sorry, But Can I Go All Out? -Cohabitation Fun with My Unrivaled Colleague-

Sae finds herself forced to live with her colleague and rival, Kento! When they end up drunkenly intertwined on the floor one night, he pushes her down, saying, "You're the one who started this."

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