Wanna Try This Love?

Unconventional, full of surprises, so messed up it'll send your life into a spin...
Huh? You don't want that? You just want to watch? Alright, let's take a look then.

Loving You!

I can't get through to my boss!!
(Take my feelings seriously!)

Hero : Yuri Heroine : Aio
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Beating the Heroine at Her Own Game

Reborn as a video game villainess, I've gotta avoid the bad ending at all costs!
(I'll start by dieting...)

Hero : Leonhart Heroine : Cosette
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What's Mine Is Yours

Some God thought it'd be funny to swap my "parts" with my coworker's!
(Wait, how am I supposed to get any now!?)

Hero : Kento Heroine : Mari
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Coupledom 101

Trying out love with my childhood friend!
(Our kisses are different from back then.)

Hero : Mamoru Heroine : Miyuri
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It's Too Late to Ask Now!

Are the guys around her messing with this 30-something otaku...?
(Real life is hard, isn't it?)

Hero : Kyouko Heroine : Hasebe
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The Duchess Of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-

A dashing duke with a girlfriend, and his bride-to-be from a noble family down on their luck...
(Enjoying married life, like a single person?)

Hero : Cersis Heroine : Viola
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The Kawai Complex Guide To Manors And Hostel Behavior

Living under the same roof as my ideal girl?
(Finally! The high school life I dreamed about!)

Hero : Usa Heroine : Ritsu
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Get Hot -Brushing up Your Skills as a Woman-

Going from plain Jane, to the girl guy's dream about.
(I'm getting advice from a ghost?)

Hero : Shinoda Heroine : Maiko
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24-Hour Handsome Rescue

These handsome doctors have some strange patients!
(Are they doctors, or witch doctors? Is this a joke?)

Hero : Ryouma Heroine : Miko
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Your & My Secret

What if a strong-willed girl and a feminine boy change bodies?
(Stop that, it's embarrassing!!!)

Hero : Akira Heroine : Nanako
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I like You, but There's a Problem!

I love my boyfriend so much, I'm worried I might pounce on him!
(Be still, my beating heart!)

Hero : Yuuichi Heroine : Ruka
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Our New Life Together

Living with your beloved must be bliss, right?
(Gimme a break!)

Hero : Tono Heroine : Koyuki
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Youth on Air

That voice! I've finally found her. My goddess!
(But wait, that means she must be...)

Hero : Daiki Heroine : Momono
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How to Keep Your Apartment Wife Happy

I both love and hate how devoted she is...
(I want her to see me as a man!)

Hero : Kensuke Heroine : Yoshiko
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