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Preview of PASSION 1

Meet Sachi, the prettiest cross-dressed boy in all the world. But, underneath the cuteness...

Hatoko and Subaru have known each other since they were small.

He's a deadly fighter! He has a strong sense of justice and won't take any sh*t from anyone!

Over the years, kind and sweet Subaru...

This combination of characteristics charms Ryunosuke, another guy at his college.

Has grown into a

The two meet again at a school event, after Sachi has been drugged...

And poor Hatoko is at his every beck and call!

Ryunosuke can't help but react to Sachi's quivering, heated body...

She tries to go on a group date...

But how will Sachi react to Ryunosuke's sudden declaration of love!?

but she's suddenly taken to a modeling shoot...

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