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What is Fan Mail Special?

A special project exclusively by Renta! collecting fan messages and questions from all over the world, to be delivered to Yuo Yodogawa-sensei!*

*Submission closed on Dec.1st, 2023 (JST)

Sensei's response is here!

Dear Readers on Renta!,

A huge thanks to everyone reading my work through Renta!! It made me so happy to get so many messages!! I hope you'll keep enjoying my work going forward, too!

Yuo Yodogawa

Yuo Yodogawa Sensei's Hand-drawn Illustration and message

From Florence Joseph (United Kingdom) and Ashley (France)


How did you come up with the idea of a parallel world?

A. I was watching the film "Tag" (or, "Real Onigokko" in Japan), and it takes place in a parallel universe, so I thought "Ooh... That's a cool idea!" And, that's how the story was born!

From Emmu (United States)


Did you plan from the beginning to have Amatatsu and Sen appear in the "Fooling Around While The Zombies Roam" manga?

A. That's right. I had decided I'd have them there, when I was drawing the timeline about them being researchers!

From Lisa Sana (Canada)


What's your favourite part to write/draw in your stories?

A. I really love drawing romantic scenes, especially kiss scenes! Also, this might sound like a weird kink, but drawing the protagonists in a dangerous situation does something for me.

From Katheryn Ramirez (El Salvador)


What are the things that inspire you while creating a story? Which genre of stories do you enjoy creating most?

A. I often feel inspired while watching movies. As for my favorite genre, I like love comedies, but the stories I enjoy creating most are adjacent to mystery or horror, and not slice-of-life!

From Guac (United States)


If Haruomi and Kazuma ever got married. what sort of outfit would they wear?

A. I'd want them both in tuxedos, and for Haruomi to wear a small veil-like accessory! *see the illustration above

From Saveed Ramond (United States)


I would love to see Sen with wolf ears and Amatatsu with a cat's tail.

A. Like this? I tried making their tails wrap around each other! *see the illustration above

Thank you so much for participating! :)
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