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Real Yaoi

So I heard this conversation that went something like, "No, wait, Ken-chan, don't go yet!" "Sorry~!" and thought they must be a young lovey-dovey couple, but...

Nope! They were two guys in their late-30s/early-40s!

I work until pretty late, so I always see middle-aged drunk men on my way home, but these guys were seriously a sight for sore eyes. It might just be because when you're drunk, you have no inhibitions, but it's really not unusual to see two guys who've had a bit too much to drink hanging all over each other - they hold hands, lean on each other's shoulders... and sometimes more. Once, when it was raining, I saw two guys huddled under one umbrella, arms around each other's waists as they bumbled along. I thought my heart was going to explode!
It wasn't like a little "aww", it was a full-on squee!

1. A little
fangirl-y fun

Anyway, after seeing Ken-chan and his friend, I started nonchalantly observing their clothes, their watches, their shoes, whatever, keeping an ear out for anything that'd give me an indication to the real relationship between these guys. I was being casual as hell, not staring at them, barely even facing them, but totally tuned in to what they were doing.

Ah, they're office workers... And he's the older one? Oh! He's offering him a hangover cure! So the younger one is surly-but-sweet and the older one looks after him!!
They probably work in different companies, but went to the same college... Oh my god! Are they continuing a love that started when they were students...!?

I got quite excited. It seemed like something out of a BL story. And why was I thinking like that...? Because I'm a yaoi fangirl! Yaoi is my life...>. <'

Yeah, I know
I'm weird

But, I have much more exciting stories than that! For example, the tale of Mr. A (who was about mid-50s) and Mr. B (probably the same age).
I finished work late that day too, and was walking past a bar at about 11pm. There were the usual drunk guys hanging around, but then I spotted A, who was sitting down, and B, who was rubbing his back. I tried not to smile, and just as I was passing them, I heard.

"You said you'd be happy, so I celebrated the fact you got married."

Enter shock.
Mr. A's confession almost made me stop short, as well.

What does that mean!? But I can't stop walking to find out... I can't...!

I didn't hear what was said after that, but away from everyone else, I quickly changed from aww-ing over the cute drunk guys to Serious Yaoi Consideration Mode.

Mr. A and Mr. B have clearly known each other for a long time, and though they're more than just close friends, they're not quite lovers. When they were young, Mr. B married a girl. Mr. A realized that they could never be happy together and instead wished Mr. B all the best while embracing his own unrequited love. But now Mr. B has split from his wife...! Listening to all of it over a drink, Mr. A started drowning in despair, and just now, did... Did I just witness him spilling everything to Mr. B, right here, after all this time!?

...Clearly I was way overthinking it.

Urgently seeking:
Yaoi fangirls

But, after thinking about it, I went home, had a shower, made dinner, ate said dinner, brushed my teeth and went to bed, all with a smile on my face.
Like I said, yaoi is my life.

On occasion, I meet up with other yaoi fangirls and we squee over "real yaoi". Work and life often get in the way, so we only see each other three times a year, at most. I still need my yaoi fix though, so sometimes I want to hear about other people's experiences.
...Wait, that's a lie - it's not "sometimes", it's "all the time"...

And I believe I have found a solution to my problem.

Help me
with my mission!

I want to hear about your "real-life yaoi"!!!
Anything you might have seen, heard, or even experienced, I want to know!!! (If, like me, you only got a snippet of something and then let your imagination run away with you, that's fine too!) You can send us your stories through the site, or through Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter (links below)! Just tag it #real_yaoi and you'll find the most squee-worthy stories here!

Caution: This page is NSFW!

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