Celebrating New Artists from Taiwan!

Introducing another fantastic new addition on Renta!

Enjoy two fantasy BL by Gene, a well-known Taiwanese artist who won the Two Top Awards at the 2020 Kyoto International Manga Anime Award, and the other two gentle touch love stories by spectacular Taiwanese artists!

Only Now! Get Official Bonus Illustration!

Until March 5 (JST)

Purchase any of these four titles by March 5 (JST) and receive its high-resolution cover art without any text. Don't miss the chance to appreciate the beautiful artwork itself!

Note: You will be able to access the illustration from your "My Books" page beginning March 6 (JST).

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Loving You When the World Ended


A Romance Between Adams Surviving on the Day of Reckoning

Moe till the end of the world! The world falters overnight—when there remain only an almighty waiter and a fragile rich boy, what will their future hold?

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The Light Conjurer


An adventure story of love (?) and dreams (!!?) is about to unfold—

Robin is a lousy conjurer, He never succeeds at summoning what he wants, One day, he inexplicably summoned a little prince, and was forced to head to the magic dragon castle. What will they do...?

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Three Seconds After Our Eyes Met


After our eyes met, something has also changed between us...

Always smiling, friendly, and kind, but there is another side of Hezhan no one knows off. One day, a lower classmate Shunwen bumps in. Whenever he looks at Shunwen in the eyes, he feels naked and exposed in front of him...

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Confessions of a 35 Year Old


What does it mean to "like" someone? 

Jason is 35 years old and single. He cannot figure out why he seems so unattractive to women! He meets a new colleague, Frank. Though Frank seemed like the type to not make friends at work, they somehow end up living together!?

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