User Reviews For: Tsumugi's Sweet Secret Mission -Sensual Submission to the Boss-


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Cris Rating
If you want a manga that gets right to the kinky business, especially if that kink is exhibitionism, than this is the series for you! It has great art and an interesting variety to the scenes, and the sex itself seems mostly-consentual (there's pressure from the romantic interest that would not be okay IRL, but gives our fictional heroine plausible deniability). If you're in this for more than kinky sex... The character writing isn't great. The last two chapters are devoted to trying to give motivation to the love interest's cruelty streak and redeem him, but the attempt is ham fisted and falls flat. Rent the last couple chapters if you must know how it ends - but don't expect much subtlety.
littleponta Rating
What a let down...
Oranges Rating
Unexpectedly very good. Don't believe other comments until you personally read it because opinions vary per person.
ILoveEvery1 Rating
So i read the fist chapter and last chapter. I'd say it was pretty good :) It's worth a rent :)
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