User Reviews For: He's a Mom!? -Knocked-Up Boys-


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QueenEllieBeans Rating
Although it was cute and nice to look at, I didn't actually get to see any pregnant men. I know it sounds weird. I was still disappointed.
Del Rating
Ehh. Like the other review said, wish it had more of a story focus with some smut rather than being all smut.
themaskedgirl1 Rating
The art and colors are very nice and the general idea of the story is unique, but this is really a big focus on sex. I know that it's the point in this story, but, there's barely any story and it seems too unnatural how the main characters react to sex outside of the regular schedule and tried to become more "emotionally" closer. I felt like this was a waste
ThiefAngel00 Rating
This is really interesting, however I was disappointed for the lack of actually seeing them get pregnant or give birth.
MakRayne Rating
Would have been better with more chapters and more details. Can't even really be classified as smut since everything was censored.
Luna Rating
Loved it! Need to read the next chapter pronto!!
Nickykitty Rating
It was cute and well written but I did find it a bit of a let down I would of like a story that did show the pregnancy but it was ok.
Daniegirl1987 Rating
It was ok, just wish there had been more mpreg and some scenes of the delivery.
Peters1jd Rating
A nice wrap up to the series. It was cool to see the two sides intersect. I think it's weird that the penis is a shaft of light and I wasn't a huge fan of the boys having sex in front of the father. But all in all a good series. Simple but a nice read.
wakadamoto Rating
The best thing I've read this week
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