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mauda Rating
I like the manga it was a little bit funny.
gustavbel Rating
This is an old favorite of mine; it's pretty well-written all around and funny so if you're interested in the elements it's throwing down (non-con, older teacher x high school student)you're in for a good time.
Ibeshippin Rating
This was fun lol
Quaryelle Rating
It is a fun read, I wasn't expecting the molester to be a student and when I read the title I thought the seme was going to be the son of the uke.
staria Rating
The story development is pretty fast and the characters' progression could be done better in terms of thought processing, revelations, changes, and acceptance, but overall it wasn't a bad read. The art is nice. After the first point it surprisingly didn't go the nonconsensual route quickly like is rampant in the genre, so that's a plus. I recommend if you like student x teacher.
cjchan092 Rating
It's my first time here and I've devided to choose this as my first book. I'm just hoping they had more pages together as a couple. But the relationship development was better compared to other yaoi mangas I've read given that there was a forced sexual thing happened. There was no extra drama too. All in all, it's not a bad read.
SakuraYukishiro Rating
The art is sooo good I recommend it
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