User Reviews For: My Sex Toy Got Confiscated! -I'll Show You How to Use It-


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opippy77 Rating
Kinda flimsy? I don't feel any depth to the love in this story. It wasn't fleshed out very well. Very predictable and basic. The smut is grade A & the art is good, so 3 stars. I guess...
Liryo Rating
The premise is simple, and the start of the relationship is pretty thin on reasoning, but as it progresses, the relationship takes on trials that make up for that. I am concerned in terms of plot with just the sheer number of people who now know about the relationship, but ultimately it's a nice simple forbidden romance without being overly complicated for the sake of drama. The art and the smut are great, so it's worth it if you have the coins to give it a shot past the first volume.
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