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cosmicvalentine7 Rating
I was incredibly excited to find out that Renta was releasing the official translated version of this book to their website. I have been a huge fan of Junko-Senpai's work for so many years, and when I first started to get into BL Manga, finding Junko-Senpai's work was like hitting the jackpot. This book is a collection of shorts that are basically about new and fresh love, so if you are looking for smut, or something hot, this will not be that book. The art is beautiful and the characters are loveable. This is not Junko-Senpai's best book, but it is still worth renting and reading, especially if you want to read something light and fluffy with a little bit of drama. Maybe I am biased because I am a huge fan, but regardless, it is worth all 5 stars. I can not wait to see more of Junko-Senpai's work on Renta in the future.
LunaDW Rating
I've always been a fan of Junko-sensei. Her art style is expressive and vibrant and her stories are heartfelt. I suggest ready everything the makes.
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