User Reviews For: Training the Dripping Wet Assistant [VertiComix]


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AngelUchiha Rating
The story development is interesting and funny. Also it is cute and colorful. The assistant is very easy to connect to and she makes really cute faces. I can't stop laughing at the characters interaction.
Nestorx3 Rating
I like the characters and the flow of the story :) the art is also really good. I look forward to the next chapter.
Sammy2shoes Rating
I love this story!!!!! It's so good!!!!
nikolai Rating
The first 5 chapters don't have detailed smut scenes but I'm hoping that there will be more. The price is just right for the length of each chapter and the romance is just beginning. There isn't anything solid yet. The guy is also very dominant which is a turn on but he isn't as too hot as other alpha men. I hope it gets better and better.
Azriel13Riza Rating
Spicy and amusing
monicalam978 Rating
Great storyline! I wish there were more volumes to read
lindyxima Rating
Good start, the first chaper made me wanna see more. ;)
kitten91 Rating
I love it!
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