User Reviews For: The Sicilian's Stolen Son


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aieda79 Rating
The manga too short. But it is typical harlequin story so it is understandable to be short story, not indepth. Lynne graham is one of my favorite author for harlequin book
Agb22 Rating
Fun read didn't mind the short cuts
SimplyAbbi Rating
The plot could be so good, but it feels very rushed. The characters are cute but they didn't really have the chemistry I like and there was a distinct lack of fluff
kurokuyo Rating
It was mediocre at best, the ending was rushed, and the plot went nowhere. Disappointing.
SkuLLcRusheR Rating
It was a good read. Easy to follow with a normal story pace. It was too short for me. Wouldn't mind a second part.
Firstborn Rating
I really enjoyed this manga!
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