User Reviews For: Shinjuku Bachelors and the Midnight Kitten


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Tinker1231 Rating
I liked it and wish to read more!
dbz2000ho Rating
OMG, this one is so cute and awesome I read all 5 chapters in 1 go and have to say it was well worth the purchase. It's just so cute and fluffy I wish it had more chapters.
Akashicchi Rating
I really liked it. The art is pretty, Kou is cool and Kei is exactly the type of character I like most. I wonder if this will remain a 3P
SKS142325 Rating
Love it!!!!
Equality4Puppies Rating
This is really hot and everyone is enjoying themselves. I really do want to know there the story is going with the love triangle too.
suppinel Rating
It sure is kinky and have some smexy good sex scene too..
Waterbaby09 Rating
Can't wait for more I absolutely love this
alice Rating
Love it! Wish there was more.
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