User Reviews For: Shinjuku Bachelors and the Midnight Kitten


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Tinker1231 Rating
I liked it and wish to read more!
dbz2000ho Rating
OMG, this one is so cute and awesome I read all 5 chapters in 1 go and have to say it was well worth the purchase. It's just so cute and fluffy I wish it had more chapters.
suppinel Rating
It sure is kinky and have some smexy good sex scene too..
Akashicchi Rating
I really liked it. The art is pretty, Kou is cool and Kei is exactly the type of character I like most. I wonder if this will remain a 3P
AlunaNoire Rating
I loved this manga I just wish it was a bit longer. Also my favorite part is in ch.5 when he does *spoiler* best thing ever ?
SKS142325 Rating
Love it!!!!
Equality4Puppies Rating
This is really hot and everyone is enjoying themselves. I really do want to know there the story is going with the love triangle too.
Waterbaby09 Rating
Can't wait for more I absolutely love this
Linsey31 Rating
This story is super cute! It has great sex scenes and a happy ending for a 3p story which is refreshing! Plus the art is beautiful and the dialogue was hilarious!!
robotkun2000 Rating
the uke was very positive and a sweetheart, the two semes were also intresting, a good trio :)
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