User Reviews For: The Artist and the Beast [VertiComix]


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Rook Rating
Now this is just the full- colored version but its just as great. It gives the characters more definition. This is one of those stories that hooks you and makes you want to binge read. It has a catchy story line of a more than meets the eye "plain-jane" manga(?) artist and a perv yet surprisingly lovable yakuza.
MASH4077 Rating
I love this manga, so getting to see it in colorist awesome! I only wish there wasn't the white out of the private parts. Seriously, we're all adults here, and we've all seen them before. So just show the detail for crying out loud!
Zee14 Rating
Story is amazing. Cant wait to read more!
cokabunny Rating
It starts off pretty smutty and if you have issues about consent there's a definite grey area at first.... but both the MC and her love interest being clueless on their feelings is a fun read. Theirs some good sorry development so far and I'm on #7- I'll be reading the next!
ishara Rating
Liz17thcat Rating
Kinda like a puppy
eleeabeea Rating
Such a cute (and sexy) manga. Love the relationship between the two main characters. Just the right balance of humor and romance.
Potato4030 Rating
I don't know why i keep smiling everytime i read this story and spend my money without a doubt. The point is i love this story and you will never regret this...
123456 Rating
Everyone likes coloured. But I enjoy the paper véion more than this one. And enjoy this manga tooIt has funny art and funny characters. And so many 18+ things and I just like it.
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