User Reviews For: My Quiet Best Friend's Just Tongue-Tied


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Peachie Rating
It's oddly cute! In a typical best friends are so gay for each other but don't want to abmit it type of way.
slashergirl Rating
hi i would do anything for the happy ending these boys deserve. selling my soul for the next volume seems like an actual possibility at this point tbh
Sparrow Rating
I really liked the concept since it's a bit different than the usual BL plot. The top is a poker-faced guy whose "excitement" gauge is always maxed out around the bottom. The bottom is pretty much the atypical clueless guy towards the top's affection but wants to help the top to reduce the gauge level. Overall the story is very vanilla and cute, am looking forward to read the whole series.
badrohdi Rating
I am not a big-time yaoi reader but I made the mistake of reading the second chapter and now I am hooked. There is a legit story that is definitely fictional and yet so relatable on a certain scale that it just caught me. I know where all my money is going, I already bought the current four chapters and can't wait for more. Keep em comin :)
Mandert Rating
This story is hilarious but also frustrating. I want them to fall in love already!!!
yoshie91 Rating
This story was really cute I liked it
Pacchan Rating
I really liked it! At first I thought it was gonna be stupid, but it's cute and adorable, and the art is nice too (and the sex scenes are well drawn imo and absolutely steamy, what a treat ?). It ain't a masterpiece, but it's a lot of fun to read. I didn't expect I was going to like it as much as I did! ?
ebookrenta082rc5fnp Rating
I loved it honestly wouldn't mind owning a hard copy
GKnight Rating
This was such a cute, funny, and sweet story! I loved it and can't wait to read more from this author. Highly recommend checking this one out!
Risuna Rating
this story was awesome~! it's funny & sweet & I love how we explore every aspect of the characters throughout the story - it all leads up to a wonderful ending and I definitely recommend this manga~!
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