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Verr Rating
So first of all the art looks really good and the character design *chef's kiss*.The drama is neat, you get what the people are about.My favourite character is the ferret, it likes to eat and it is cute and it is *spoiler* sorry...4/5 it is pretty (the art at the very least) good not a masterpieceWould recommend.
Liea Rating
Who ever had the idea to give the demon king a bigger boob window than any of the female characters is a genius. Boob window / 10
Steph4429 Rating
I really loved the story all along!The only thing who's strange for me, it's the end of the story because it's not really a end.That end apart, the story is very good, the image's very beautiful and I was completely in the story all along!
Ari Rating
This is beautiful. The style is like traditional Chinese artwork with a bit of modern style. The setting and character designs are stunning, and they really draw the reader in. Normally stories like this would be have too must angst, but this is balanced with action and comedy. The chibi moments break up the scenes in a fun way, and it's nice to see the characters in another style. Overall, a great story worth the time and money.
CakeProtector Rating
I actually read Private Devil Puppy when it was releasing on WebComics so I was really excited to see it continuing here. The art is gorgeous. The story is gripping with multiple couples and lots of ships. I really am glad it is on Renta! So I can keep reading along and sees what becomes of Hundun and Yeli.
Zorua Rating
A! I pick A! Cuan Yan and Yetil!!
arti Rating
I havn't read a lot, but I already liked the little bit I did read. The art looks super pretty.
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