User Reviews For: Altruistic Warrior[VertiComix]


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Rabbitchan Rating
The art is great and the story very interesting, became one of my fave smexy manga!The story isn't ground breaking but solid.Looking for other works of this author.
Othello Rating
Very great series overall, just finished reading chapter 8 and all the team mates as well as the ml and fl are so entertaining and well-developed!!This is a 10/5 series actually!!
OneEyed0w1 Rating
Funny FML, cute ML, excellent art and an interesting story.
Kitten87 Rating
So far, I love this. The artwork is BEAUTIFUL, the female lead isn't all ditzy or over powerful, she's genuinely sincere, aware of her own weakness, not striving to win or do all these things. She's relatable. The male lead is super hot, more of the silent type, and not in the jerk way. I love the side characters and the slow friendship building. The relationship of the FL and ml was much quicker than I was expecting, but SO HOT. Can't wait to see how they progress. Also, I love the way they do the dungeons and the power systems. I'm still wanting to know more about the way the Magic is used and what really sets apart a knight from the rest. I'm definitely gonna stick with it and hope it's worth all these points.
LizzieB Rating
I love this manga, the plot is very interesting and well written, the characters are well characterized, I can't wait for the other chapters to come out
Dafig Rating
Just finished reading chapter 26, its really an amazing manhwa comic. Just anticipated to read more epic smut scenes ahead but ion the meanwhile the plot is intriguing enough to keep u engaged!
Lena Rating
Love! It's spicy and it is a little different from what I normally read
Blue Rating
The art is really good and the story line is well written. It doesn't get me bored at all!
Azaellum Rating
Art is very nice! Interesting plot too for a smut. Snu-snu scene took a whole but it's worth it!
Marina Rating
Great art and a good story! I dont like liar stories usually but this one has the makings of a really fun story!