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oathbreaker1 Rating
Totally enjoyed this story. The past love story mixing with the present one. I wonder if you can truly ever forget that love in the past. The comedy dressing up in costumes for your job amazing and a man that cannot stay true to one women because he is trying to make everyone happy. So when the real love walks thru the door can't blame her for being blindsided. If you enjoy comedy and sweetness along with never giving up on love please read this amazing story..
1ch1me Rating
Cynthia Noble, private secretary of Alfred Wingate, was left with the Wingate mansion as an inheritance. She was as confused as the family Alfred Wingate left! She was about to break off the engagement between Graham, Alfred's grandson, but she didn't want to shock Graham's mother and faint again. Then Rick, Graham's brother, came home for his grandfather's funeral. He works abroad as a doctor. He is more handsome than his playboy brother, I would say! He wasn't all that nice to Cynthia at first, though. But, after he went to where Cynthia lived, he kissed her on the lips! Things happened, Cynthia thinks that Rick is just like his playboy brother because how could he kiss his brother's fiancee? Anyways, when you read the story, you'll find out what Alfred's connections to Cynthia and you'll also see how Rick and Cynthia really suit each other! It's actually a great story, so I enjoyed reading it! Story and artwork were great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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