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1ch1me Rating
Beth Cox won the chance to go on a date with a billionaire, but she turned it down! She decided to never love again since she lost Kurt, her late fiance. Not to go on dates even with a billionaire. When Kane O'Rourke read an article about him who got turned down by a local woman, he was enraged. It was for his brother's station, so he agreed to be the 'prize'! Then he decided to meet her, but is it for himself or for KMLS Radio? Well, he went to her house and let him in since there were paparazzi. She then told him that she doesn't think she'll get along with a man who's dressed like he's going to a funeral. What a straight forward woman she is! They went on a date in the weekend and talked about things. Anyways, it would be better if you read it to see how they fell in love with each other! Lots of things happened, but I can assure you that it's a happy ending for the both of them! Artwork and story were good, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
oathbreaker1 Rating
At first I did not think that i would like this story. The heroine is very blunt in everything she says to everyone. Also the hero is everything she is against. And you wonder how these two will ever fall in love you have heard the saying that person you can be most attracted to is your opposite.That is what happens she is a orphan he comes from a big family. He is a millionaire she is a small business owner while she has lost her love due to a accident and he loves all the pretty ladies. You would not think that these two would ever be together wrong because love shows you a way to treasure and care for another person with all your heart.