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Nora990 Rating
soooo cute story love how she lost faith in man and ended up with playboy who is a thousand times better the her ex fiance
1ch1me Rating
Ryder McCall, who've never had trouble getting women has been dumped by a drunken beauty after their one night stand? The drunken beauty is Ashley, daughter of an oil tycoon. These two met in a bar where Ashley was drunk because of an unknown reason. After Ashley got Ryder's shirt dirty, they went to a motel. There, Ashley told him to not leave her alone and stay with her forever. Then he answered, "I won't leave you alone." The next morning, after telling him those words, she's gone? Then, Ryder decided to forget about her, but he's really into her! One day, he saw an article about Ashley, who disappeared before her wedding? Anyways, I'll leave it up to that point because you'll have to read this if you want to know what exactly happened to her before she met Ryder and to also know how their love progresses. I enjoyed reading it because of how the playboy Ryder acts towards anything about Ashley. Story and artwork were great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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