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Kuma1 Rating
This manga was very short, yet good! The developmemt of the relationship between the main characters was a little weird, but it all played out in the end. Yoshiki is cute and naive. Nao is cunning and a HUGE sadist. The constant debacle of love and danger kept me wanting more, and i WISH THERE WAS MORE.
Nora990 Rating
the action of this manga keep you on your toes i give 4 star
Ria0609 Rating
This manga had a really good story to it, though if i,m being honest it would have been better if there were more love scenes involved, because there were only a few kisses even though it was supposed to be a yaoi, but other than that it was quite good.
Luna Rating
Really liked the story plot but it was too short for me I left me wanting more.
yanderezaf Rating
i'll just give 5 stars because this is my fav genre xD but the fact that uke always got caught made me a bit uncomfortable. anygay, i hope there was a sequel. i wanna see how they doing after living together ):
ZellaSky Rating
Well I read all 8 chapters and it's a good thing each chapter was only a dollar I would of liked to seem more smutt, the story was ok but a little random. I think if the author stuck to finding his missing friends it would of been better. I mean I get what she was going for how they all overlap and the cop was using the kid but it just felt random... :/ I'll give the actual manga 3 stars but this scan of it 2 since parts of it were difficult to read cause the words were too small.
BlazeBowers Rating
In my opinion "The Undercover Boy: Undercover trap" has an excellent plot/story line that makes the reader "read in between the lines" so to speak as the manga hints to something deeper in Detective Kijima's intentions towards Yoshiki, a runaway. The manga is so far very enjoyable but could be improved a bit by having a better choice of words, and a bit more depth to some of the characters that are essential to the series. I really enjoy how the author has a lot of emotion in Yoshiki, to the point where we can understand and even place ourselves in his shoe's and I personally would like to see more of that emotion/understand of the mysterious Detective Kijima, now as I've only read #1 it might get better as it goes but the manga in the end didn't have me hooked, in fact at first I was a little bewildered but when I re-read it it made sense as I realized that the first time I read #1 it was hard to distinguish the dull, non-descriptive characters from one another. Also if you could add a little more action to really grab the attention of the reader that would help. I overall really enjoyed this manga but felt it could be even better, I would give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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