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LKO Rating
Read the whole series and I feel fulfilled with how it ended but if it were more tickets and had a few more pages I would not have minded at all! It was a really enjoyable read! I read all the reviews before I took up the series and a few stood out to me. One reviewer mentioned it's not a threesome and that initially interested me, another reviewer said they liked the hair, clothing and facial expressions and another basically told me the whole damn plot. I loved the two different love interest, adored the art, facial expressions, clothes ect. And didn't even feel that the story was ruined going in knowing everything. I've been able to reread it a few times already, it's definitely my favorite story so far. The scenes that Yuu is angry in, his face, so sexy! I might be in love with Yuu, too bad his heart is unavailable.
Kitsuneflames Rating
Like the art and kinda liked the story. I ended differently then what I thought it would but its a good thing. I'm happy with how it ended. I liked the way Yuu developed in the story.
Hyorin Rating
So just as the other comment said that it looked like there was going to be a three some I also thought of that but its very entertaining.(Hyorinwolf)
maxinemanga Rating
This is so.....bad...1. She feels 'guilty' about being the other woman yet continues to stay in the relationship. Hm.2. The husband is a donkey butt & he doesn't deserve his wife.3. The coworker is a weirdo who needs a new hobby besides being a creep & the MC is a weirdo for even entertaining him :/4. All characters (except the wife) are horrible and deserve a terrible fate !
SinisterHanswurst Rating
Really hot!
CieL Rating
Well.. Well... My first purchase. Lots of sex scene, between two guys on MC work life. These kind of stuffs won't happen in real life. But still okay to be read for refreshing. The blonde junior guy (in the cover) seems bit of yandere guy type at first as MC partner. But he's actually just deeply in love with the MC (IMO). The black hair glasses guy was actually great too. The story end good, and it's not really threesome. Just two guys fall in love (or attracted) to one girl.
Flaress Rating
I like it but someone needs some jeesus
Torinikku Rating
Pretty good for a quick read
Aivi Rating
It's okay. A little weird start, kinda weird forcefulness
Fuzzy2012 Rating
It was so good ! Very sexy but the MC girl is the kind I hate.
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