User Reviews For: Men Lie with Their Lips, Women Lie with Their Body


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Zenzero Rating
Really funny and he is so coolWaiting next chapter
1ch1me Rating
This story is about a girl named Kotone Aizawa who "hates men". I guess she hates them for they can only think is to make love. She and her boyfriend did it for the first time, but she did not like it at all! Anyways, in the story, will the guy named Ren Kinoshita gonna be the one that's going to change her opinion on men and gonna make her feel great when making love? The ending was such a cliffhanger, but the story was great, so I can't wait for the continuation. I enjoyed reading it, so I still rate it 5 stars even though it ended that way! The artwork was good and the story was great for the first volume! I recommend it!
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