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Nora990 Rating
this manga make you think about how hard the life of the life of the doctor
punchclench Rating
I could not believe this series is free to read, yet so well-written. Especially on a site that I found out through ads featuring some juciy bit from a shoujo manga or something!The art takes some time to get used to--nobody is cutesy or beautiful. In fact, a lot of the characters look downright ugly. Particularly when they're angry or they're declaring something on their mind. Yet, the more you get into the stories, the more the ugliness doesn't matter--the more the characters are actually admirable.This series actually reminds me a lot of Naoki Urasawa's Monster (my favorite manga, by the way.) Like Monster, it asks deep questions and it's realistic with enough of a dramatic flair so that you are sucked in. I just... I just really appreciate the "grayness" of the author's/characters' stances. There is no RIGHT WAY to save someone's life or deal with some situation. And there definitely isn't a way where everyone is pleased. But...You know what, you should just read this.
oathbreaker1 Rating
I don't know this makes me paranoid about going to a hospital in japan but then again are not most teaching hospital that way. I find that that just is so unscrupulous the system basically just screws the patients from all sides including the people who are trying to take of the patients. Please if hospitals make you uncomfortable already please read to keep yourselves informed.
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